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Dunno what’s wrong with a good old fashioned numbering system. If it works perfectly well with tornadoes and hurricanes - and they are much more complicated - then it should work with what we typically get.


Indeed. Clearly the only area affected :pensive:


Some pictures here where people were very lucky. Though the 4th last one mentions a lucky escape for the Toyota when it’s back window is clearly smashed with a big dent in the rear wing too.


Darts suspended for a while between Malahide and Clongriffin due to debris on the lines. They are back up and running now, but delays are expected on the evening commute.


that happened on a branch line…


Would never have twigged that.


Will the snooker go ahead?


Hmmm…so my (exceptionally witty) pun is the only one deleted and the others are left?

I smell a :rat:


Not sure what that has to do with coloured warnings. The storm simply turned out to be worse than forecast, which will happen in places sometimes, just as last year it wasn’t quite as bad as forecast. The warnings can only reflect the forecast, not the actual outcome.
You want it every which way, but it’s simy a fact that more people take notice and clearly understand the coloured warnings. Just because you find it simplistic and crude yourself is not a reason to not have it as you are just one person who is clearly capable of studying weather reports in more detail and making your mind up that way, as I do also, clearly.
Incidentally the extra damage from this storm in comparison to last year is because trees now are still in full leaf, last year’s storm was one month later.
There were 54 fatalities in Ireland and Britain from that storm, which will far exceed fatalities from today’s storm, therefore without a doubt the warnings were all justified.


Don’t be such an owl wan :owl:.


Looks like Féile will be OK, and GFS model has downgraded the storm at the wknd on its latest forecast, especially in Ireland.


I see The Stunning are on the bill. I wonder what they’ll play …


It was on a campsite near some rugged shoreline. Not the edge of a high cliff. It may not have been properly secured.


There’s photos knocking around of the crushed caravan on the beach below the camp site.

What kind of sick fcuk rushes out to take photographs of something like that?


Pat McGrath from RTE tweeted a video of it …


In fairness there was an RTÉ report from the scene and the caravan was clearly seen in the water. Photos’ may have been still shots from that report.


Ok. Fair 'nuff so.

Saw someone get knocked over by a Luas a few months back. The no of people who got their phones out to film it (instead of offering to help) still makes my blood boil.


I could tell you a few stories far worse than that. Drives me mad sometimes.


Not sure if McGrath was right to show such a video - and on his own timeline as well - comments under suggest he wasn’t!

Apparently the lady was a Swiss tourist. I would assume somebody rented her that caravan. If that’s the case someone has a lot to answer for.