Weather thread


'Tis fierce windy out in Howth already. Getting blowed about the place.


Saw a massive tree blown down in Ratoath.


There’s a lot of blowing in the wind going on here


The Wind in the Willows?

(With apols to anyone not from Ballymun, Glasnevin North, Glasnevin proper, Finglas East, Ballygall, Beneavin and oh all right then, just this once, Popintree.)


A fatality in galway sadly. a caravan was blown off a cliff.


twas like driving through a blizzard this morning to thurles at 8am the amount of leaves blowing about, saw worse on the ground already as a fair few branches had been blown off trees already. was one or two scary gusts. am told power is out now in thurles, not surprised.

looks like it is calming down somewhat now. not that much rain which was surprising.


Still looks like fairly heavy rain event tomorrow. Incidentally that system now forecast to deepen rapidly over northern Britain later tomorrow, parts of Scotland look like getting a brief stormy period, so the forecast from a few days ago won’t have been so far out after all.


I read that a woman has lost her life in Galway due to the stormy conditions.
Maybe now people will realise (and not complain about it) why Met Eireann would issue colour-coded weather warnings.


The poor woman lived in a caravan on a cliff. I doubt she was aware of any warning at all.


I doubt it’s standard practice (apart from hurricanes) to warn people to stay away from caravans in very windy weather


No. I’ll still complain. The warning made no difference to the woman.


No but it’s ill advised to be near cliffs.


Made a mistake of clicking on the Storm Ali hashtag on Twitter. Apparently it would be a red warning if it was affecting Dublin according to some :roll_eyes:


But the warning(s) might make a difference to someone else.


The Ploughin’ has been canceled. Presume that’ll be blamed on The Dubs too?

Jebus. I really hope that’s just grass flying about. :poop: :ox::poop::ox:


Have a friend down there - really wild apparently …



Oi @Rochey , sort this out !


Missus was just at the school, Griffith Ave in bits, tree down all over the place…


The problem with couloured warnings is they seem to make no sense. The damage on Griffith Avenue far exceeds that of last year’s event, when the whole country was closed down. We had to keep kids in at lunch today because of it. The Met made an a mess of this and it makes their warning system very difficult to take seriously.


Maybe they should have issued a code red for Griffith Avenue …