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Weatherupmanship …


Nah, it’s just a poster who loves to post against a bloke (me) who just posts when he has something to say!


Orange =2 batch and 1 slice pans
Yellow = 3 batch and 2 slice pans
Red = knock every aul wan out of the way and grab what you can


This image from the GFS is considered pretty accurate at this range, frankly it’s a bit strange how it develops (rapid cyclogenisis) but probably mostly due to our warm waters after our warm summer. Our planet is certainly changing, no doubt!

Anyway, look at the dates on the image. It’s gonna be a windy wet mudda fugga!


What did I post just there that was against anything you said Rochey? I was updating what I’ve just looked at in the forecasting models. I also post alot less than you in this thread generally speaking so your other point is a bit random. If you can’t handle disagreement with your opinions that’s not my fault.
My own forecast for a big storm Thursday looks like turning out being way over-egged but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest as I just stated what I saw as soon as I saw it. If this is still all about your previous miff then get over it. Not everything that everyone posts here is about you.


You’ve been like this since BAN was closed!


Yes indeed, it’s all about me now so. Just wish I was as level-headed and rational as you are all the time.

Tell you what though, that was some forecast by GFS three days ago if this storm comes off. As you say, it was, and still is a most unlikely progression of development. Interestingly also this is the remains of Major Hurricane Florence yet no hype at all from the Metservice, presumably burned by the Helene coverage.


How dare you accuse me of having rationale!!!

As to part deux… I’d imagine it will be a half way scenario. GFS tends to overdo cyclogenisis … If not, then serious kudos! Helene was very odd, but I imagine the Ophelia hangover had some skin burns too!


Phew. That’s a relief !


If this tiff between Rochey and Al was on Sky television, would it be called:
A. Weatherwars
B. Say no to the weather
C. Weather uncovered or
D. My big fat gypsy weather?

Answers on a post card to Bunny Carr etc!


At Rochey-Spot on. These type of storm developments are rare - reminiscent of the huge one that hit NYC and roundabout a few years ago, unlike Helene, Ophelia and others this one is the combination of an ex-tropical system(which also happens to have been a major landfall hurricane) coming up against a cold polar flow(which is very early in the season) and in the overall context of a developing very settled anticyclonic pattern of weather which starts after the passage of the low pressure system on Thursday. The one that looked like it could undergo rapid cyclo genesis itself, so what a week! All that and, Phil Collins isn’t even playing Féile.
As for Féile fans, it looks like a threat of heavy rain later on but if the storm happens the high winds don’t look like a threat til Saturday night into Sunday.


I thought cyclogenesis was Phil Collins on a bike …


The lyrics of When a child is Born could work with all this! Johnny Mathis doing the forecast…'a storm is born, red, orange, yellow, no-one knows…


According to current forecasts this could be anything from some scattered rain, possibly heavy (ala Thursdays event) to Violent Storm Force 11 mean windspeed, virtual hurricane, and stupid amounts of rain. Somewhere in between there’s a happier medium, as the man said about the naked wrestling match between the fortune teller and the faith healer.


As the mouse said about the trap, ‘we won’t go into that!’


Aer Lingus
Aer Lingus
We expect the effects of #StormAli to cause some disruption to our flight schedules tomorrow. Please check the status of your flight with @rochey before travelling to the airport


Laochra Gales.


Storms in their Eyes …


Back of de net ! :joy: :joy: :joy:


Windy app seems to have it hitting sunday morning about 10-11, so if that’s accurate it should be okay.