Weather thread


Why am I now picturing Homer Simpson at the controls🤣

#1726 not at all interested in any tropical storm coming our way as of yet. However they do show ‘regular’ stormy weather hitting in about 5 or 6 days, which is fairly typical for that stage in September, especially in very good summer years, the most memorable example being around the All Ire final in 83.


Even after Ophelia? ECM was spot on last time from day 9 to T-0. This is now at day 6 Al!


yeah i only heard of that one yesterday lol.

I have a overtall willow which needs pruning…


Amazing. Hope they film this


If that was in Galway, you’d have at least one stupid cretin who’d want to spend the hurricane actually on the ferris wheel. :roll_eyes:


Don’t take unnecessary Ferris wheel rides …


Oh, I dunno…looks like fun.


Now named as storm Helene. Latest programming suggests it will track straight through us in 136 hours time. Strength still an issue bot most models suggesting storm force 8+ winds. Potential for hurricane force winds and another coloured warning. I’d suggest at least a minimum yellow warning at this stage. I will again upgrade as we get closer to the time. This of course, if the storm remains on track.


Should make for an extra special mud fest at the Ploughing next week…


Quick send Teresa Mannion to keep everyone safe.


How many days in 136 hours?


Tricky… Let me think about it.

Still on course to land on our shores during the early hours of next Tuesday.


Bleedin roasting where Im sitting today!


Get off the radiator then! :slight_smile:


You’ll get piles Harpy!


A lot of the European weather prediction models are veering away from potentially dangerous situation of hurricane force winds next Tuesday, but the lads who know a thing or 2, the NOAA, are not that confident of it missing us.

It’s become a bit less certain however. I will be keeping a close eye on this. One thong near certain, it will get a lot warmer on Monday night through Tuesday as the storm drags up warmer air from the tropics. It will likely be very muggy with a lot of rain. After Tuesday, we’ll be under a mostly westerly influence of rain and wind for the foreseeable…

I will be again keeping a close eye on this!


Day before Ophelia was warm and humid. Was watching it as it passes never saw clouds coming North South before like that.


Was disappointed not to see Rochey or Al among the new storm names.


Is Daniel there? Trump would love that.