Weather thread


That’s because @Snowcat just had his beans-on-toast.


Still strong signals for heavy rain in in two days, then another storm in four days that will hit the south and east hard


Beautiful day today I have to say .


Feck sake another storm🙄


I was remarking at the weekend how we have been so lucky in recent years (ie 3 in a row years) with the weather we have had for the Champo when it returned. I can hardly remember a bad day for the games and was even in a t-shirt in Garristown this time last year for a game!


It was fairly scary here for a few hours 12 to 2 yesterday. We lost a big tree, got most things inside but a bench went on a happy journey and I had to move the car as it looked like it was going to topple over at one point.

Counted about ten trees down around here this morning, we had no power most of the afternoon and evening. Heard of three or four roofs off around tipp.

Chainsaw time this week in the garden.


Glad you’re ok.


Me too lol. It was funny how I had to keep a calm demeanour for the family when inside I was wondering if the bloody roof was about to lift off. We live in a wind trap, which is why they put up a massive wind farm a few miles off, the wind gets funnelled between the devils bit and the golden vale and the direction of the wind yesterday was perfect for it.


Are you near Templemore dubintipp ?


Same here living near the Silvermines mountains. Have experienced strange weather over the years in the area we live in.
Have a big tree down in the garden but the Dublin bunting survived thank God.


Suggesting that storm preparation be more specific to the areas affected, does not mean that you lack empathy. There is nothing wrong in wanting to prevent people from becoming desensitized to to the high level alerts when they are issued. I have seen widespread devestation from storm damage at first hand. A lot of it could have been prevented, if people did not just shrug their shoulders when the warnings were issued and went about their business. If you don’t agree, fine, but I don’t see the point in personalizing this.


To be honest, I mentioned to you that there would be widespread damage and loss of life, and you poo-pood it even before the storm began. So don’t be offended if I take your weather opinions with a pinch of salt. And I didn’t personalise it at all by the way, just commented that your posts lacked empathy.


So we venture into a wintery set up from Wednesday night onwards and could possibly mean a December well below average temperatures and wintry showers more common. Not 2010 revisited, but potential for disruptive snow in the North and North west of the country. Some of the showers may penetrate as far as dear old Dublin, depending on the strength of the wind, which is supposed to be quite strong… There’s also a band of rain programmed to move in on Saturday night, but when it arrives first it will fall as snow so a big accumulation somewhere on the island before it turns back to rain. Some suggestions of a prolonged wintry weather later in the month too.


Any rain on Friday night ? Xmas shindig is on Friday night and hope I don’t end up having to walk home in the pissings of rain if I can’t get a Taxi


Any precipitation on Friday night that does make the east coast will fall as hail or snow.


There’s a grand stretch in the evenings now.


Mild now til Christmas. And mostly dry. Colder from about Christmas day onwards though not as cold as last week. But becoming stormy. Could be a stormy run into New Year, fairly typical pattern


14 degrees today mid p.m. Even managed 12 holes (of golf). Great stuff.


Thanks for the clarification there! :joy::sob:


Very interesting set of NWP runs from the big players lately Al. Have you seen them? Turning much colder by the weekend, with possibility of an easterly cold continental flow similar to 2010 setting in, longevity and just how cold/snowy is too far away to even speculate, but looks like turning much colder within 4/5 days for a start!