Weather thread


Generally dry and high pressure dominated all weekend, but there may be a shower or 2 as the evening progresses both tomorrow and Sunday . Very difficult to predict absolutely what time they will arrive, but looks like it may be when we’re walking out and home! They won’t last too long and Monday should be a good dry day too.


I’m hoping it won’t be a dry Monday.


Sounds like a man that has Monday off work! I predict heavy downpours of porter on Monday and light traffic in Dublin!


Slight change in the models this evening. The short range Hi-Resolution models are hinting at showers (some heavy!) during the game, but it’s borderline. Will not know for sure until the Sunday morning. But this is a warning, keep an eye here or as it’s a fluid situation (no pun intended)


That’s a first.


It’s probably his finest work and he didn’t mean it.


Likely to rain around 5pm. Hopefully holds off for after the final whistle!


Good man. I better bring my lucky 2011 Vodafone Dublin jacket, don’t want to be chancing faith!


What a day, and then I got saturated walking into town, and did I give a flying fook? Did I balls! :grinning:


T’was like a Turkish bath on the Hill yesterday (Or what I imagine a Turkish bath is like.) Utterly drained leaving. Great shout on the weather troops !


Heat was ferocious yesterday. Clonliffe House was like a sweaty Bangkok market. And it was really hot too.


so whats all this drama about florence coming over here and pulling an ophelia?


Hadn’t really been following the charts as the last week and a bit had become overwhelmingly busy! Happily!

I don’t think from what I’ve seen so far, that this will have anywhere near the same effect on us as Ophelia. What it could do is to drag up some intensely unseasonably warm and moist air from the tropics. That path of this storm is very uncertain now, but the chaps to follow on hurricane paths are the NOAA in the Americas. They are time and again, best at predicting these. I’ll keep a close eye on it and will report of there’s anything out of the ordinary for our small island, where we are 4 in a row champions.

EDIT: Latest shows it pushing well in-land and not (as they usually do) skirting the US east coast and pushing west on the jet stream towards us. I’m sure it will eventually push along the jet, but will probably be just a typical Atlantic depression. It’s certainly not in the category of Ophelia, which didn’t go near America and just rose from the tropics up to our islands. Ophelia was incredibly unusual in that regard. Here’s the latest NOAA predictions.


Hopefully then people in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are ok



Tremendously big and tremendously wet?

It’s not fcuking Playschool you stupid twat !



Your Florence comment threw me! I was busy following Florence, when actually, there is a storm predicted to develop in the southern tropics, and follow the exact same path as Ophelia. This is a bizarre occurrence if it does happen. Predicted to land next Tuesday, and it’s a whopper! For those who barely remember Geography, tight isobars = extreme winds.

Now my interest has been piqued!


windy shows it developing down there and then meandering up to us for tuesday like you say (press play bottom left and watch the fecker)


If it comes here, can we agree to give it a different colour? I hear blues and greys are all the rage now. Red and orange are just sooo yesterday!


“Duke Energy spokesman Ryan Mosier said operators would begin shutting down nuclear plants at least two hours before hurricane-force winds arrive.”

Two hours lads? Jesus. Don’t rush your selves there.