Weather thread


It did, four play Al, I’d rarely consider that option but the wind direction was perfect for it!

Humid, changeable weather with a lot of dry spells and the odd shower, some heavy will be the continued outlook. A possibility that we may return to more HP dominated weather in the 10 day range, but too far away and no confidence in that. See the caveat below:

There is a subtropical depression starting up on the east coast of Continental US and the pathway of that storm will be a big influence on our weather. It may drive on through us and if it does, may be our first “named” storm in some time, but if it hangs back like some models are predicting, it will pump up a large HP cell from the Azores region bringing more in the way of dry, sunny and warm conditions. We’ll have a clearer picture of this in the next 36/48 hours.


RTE weather mentioned ‘Ernesto’ this evening, is this the same thing?.


That’s her. Given her name this morning. Pathway is still unclear.


Ernesto is a bloke no? As in Ernesto Che Guevara. Wonder what we’ll get for the final? The end of August and the very start of september often sees a short, much cooler spell of weather, before quite often turning warm and fine for another couple of weeks


It was an earnest mistake.


I’m waiting for someone to start a pun thread. Dub09 vs Beeko


Some fookin weather for the middle of August


Badly needed


Not unless you’re a dog or a flower bed.

Bring back the sun. :partly_sunny:


The rain or the pun thread?


The weather for next Sunday (D-Day) is for generally dry and settled weather. Little or no breeze either. Possibly quite a sunny day too. Too far away for real confidence, especially as there is a wee bit of divergence between different models, but most likely dry and settled. Cloud cover is probably the only thing up for debate as things stand…


There’s an awful, miserable shower coming down from the North next Sunday. :wink:


Fairly sure the DUP will steer well clear of Croker on Sunday.


The Eagle has landed! :grinning: Jaysus it’s bleedin cold here. Smells very different too. And the sound of the seagulls, I sorta missed that…
Fingers crossed for weather on sunday


Ah 'tis Himself.

You didn’t happen to bump into Frano on your way thru Passport Control & get him to sign a Dubs jersey, did ya?


Nah I was through there like a forward through the Kerry backs, it was an easy ryder.


Fran Ryder?


I was wondering the same thing. Or is it yer man Francis the rugger guy??


How’s it looking for Sunday ?


Showing rain now. I think they all just make it up tbh. Probably be 30 degrees … with a snow shower at half time