Weather thread


Are you in full agreement with Rochey ?
Will it piss rain from 4pm to 7pm ?

2016 ( first game ) and 2015 AI finals were the last time we had horrendous conditions in a big match and have to say both games were big levelers , which would worry me … 2008 q final was like 2015 final I’d say in terms of weather conditions


Big differences with those two (15 and 16) in terms of our form on the day. But I agree, levelling factor in different ways.

Forecast: (Rain is blue, heavier rain is darker blue.)
16:00 -

19:00 -

What that says to me is there will be rain, the heavier rain won’t really hit til the end of the match or after but that could easily go either way by an hour or so.

The wind looks fairly strong between south and southeasterly in direction. This is important for a number of reasons. Obviously it will make kicking harder. I think it will be a crosswind for Croker, which is worse again though maybe not much advantage either direction of play.
But at least it won’t be coming in over the Hill so the stands will provide some shelter. Wind and rain together of course are the worst combination for ball games.

However one good thing, the direction of wind may produce the ‘rain shadow’ effect for Dublin, where the Wicklow Mtns take alot of the rain that would normally hit the area on the leeward (downwind) side of the Mtns. So if that happens especially with the earlier, less heavy part of the rain belt being the forecast for around 5pm, we might get lucky.

Met Eireann forecast is much more hopeful, with little or no rain in the Dublin area (maybe a shower) during the game. Here’s the 6pm forecast. Rain is the coloured stuff:


Stopped off in Doha last Summer and tbh once it’s a short stop over it’s all the same to me but I don’t book more than a 3 hour stopover on long haul as it’s not worth it.


Predicting what hour it will Rain is nigh on impossible until 12 hours out, so tomorrow morning we’ll be able to predict what time, but I’d err on the side of caution.


As important as the weather is in terms of our semi final, I’m having a party in the house for a one year old. Was depending on using the back garden for the kids entertainment side of things, bouncy castles etc from 2-5pm. am I Donald ducked altogether? Checking the weather app every hour and it just says “light rain” from 4pm onwards :frowning:


Had an 8 hour stopover in Dubai back in March, so took the opportunity to head into the city for a few hours. Randomly met a friend I hadn’t seen in 15 years, then went up the Burj Khalifa.


Is that a euphemism?


Or a pun?


Jaysus you’re cutting it fine turfing them out at throw in time.


She is :joy:


Once read on another site that Jim Gavin is one of the few helicopter pilots in the world authorized to land on the helipad on top of the Burj. The wind gusts are so strong, only those with the nerviest nerves of steel are allowed within an arses roar of the place. Dunno if it’s true or not, but I like to think it is.


Yeah, the Arabic equivalent of Take Her Up To Monto!


There is a rose in Spanish Hareem


Lovely start to the day lads - sun shining right now


It’s raining here


Won’t last.


Accuforcast says light afternoon rain at 3 and 5. I find them more accurate than Met Eireann for Dublin anyway.
Either way let’s enjoy it. It’s an All Ireland semi final, the build up is a bit mute but it could be a cracking game.


Where did the rain go?


By passed Dublin by about 10 miles! Thankfully


Rain-shadow prediction came off anyway.