Weather thread


Nah, I just let it burn baby burn!


You do in your hole !


And it burns, burns, burns, my ring of fire!


Stop flamming this thread !


Looking at the (very difficult) predictions for rainfall amounts on Saturday evening looks mighty wet. Those of us in the hill will be saturated! Bring ziplock bags for the wallets and phones!

Further into mid week next week looks like it may settle down again bringing more in the way of warmth and sunshine.


It’s good but its no Sharknado!


Currently flying back through Dubai and it’s 44 degrees here at the moment with it saying it feels like 50 :see_no_evil:


Have a mate living over there. Dunno how he sticks it!


And the weather is not even sunny, the weather is ‘Dust’? Did everyone spontaneously combust and their ashes are flying around the place


is he from Cork…cause you just Dubai


The humidity is just awful here.


Same here - I’m at the in-laws’ in Galway.


loving that avatar @dirty_frank


I’m at an event for lawyers here and the humility is non-existent.


I changed it from a pic of the oul fella’s playing days - he just got an ipad and he would’ve got an awful land if he had stumbled across it somehow.


Id say he would! :grin:


Jaysus :joy::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


You know the people from Dubai don’t like the Flintstones. The people from Abu Dhabi do!


Uh oh! Don’t like the sound of that. 2008 Qtr final wipeout blues! Funnily enough Galway got worse conditions for the Qtr final Vs Kerry the same year and they played out a great game all things considered.


Not so dusty…

On the Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Doha subject, I think these are terrible places to have stopovers on long journeys for several reasons!