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Yes it absolutely would


Wooaaahhhh, who gave you permission to start forecasting?

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It would if it got to that but the actual forecast was for 48 degrees. I embellished with the “close to 50” comment. Didn’t think anyone would be interested enough to pick up on fine details!


Ah, my see! :joy:


Sure what’s 48,49,50 Celsius between friends! If 48 did actually get forecast very close to the day(what I saw was 5 or 6 days ahead) then somewhere in the same region would likely get 49 at least. That would still be smashing it, as you said


Nah you are right, i’ve heard of high 40s alright but never heard of 50 degrees, seems a big, big ol number. i can barely cope with mid 30s. without a sea breeze and a pool.


was a wedding in Nerja a few years ago that reached 45 up the mountain with no sea breeze where the ceremony was. Jaysis baked


'Tis all about the humidity lads. A 110 degree day in the dry desert heat of Las Vegas, is much more bearable than a very muggy 90 degree day in Noo 'Awlins or somewhere like that.



So from now throughout the rest of this bank holiday weekend we will have bright, mostly sunny, warm and dry conditions, but signals are strong of a more traditional type of late summer weather. Spells of clouds and rain interspersed with sunny periods as a more westerly driven pattern settles in from mid week onwards.

As always, open to change at anything more than 4/5 days, so if there are any dramatic updates, you’ll be first to know!


Yeah … cracking weekend of sunshine alright. Well done all …


Yes. And to Comrade @Rochey 's dog also. Which it turns out is the brains behind his whole weather operation. Who knew? :poodle:


Potential that next weekend will see a complete washout… low pressure system comes in from the west, settles to our north and then stalls. This would bring a drop in temperatures and probably the official end to our drought as it should drop a fair bit of the wet stuff! All potential at this range, but definitely a shift away from this weekends very pleasant weather during mid week.


Yeah … cracking weekend of sunshine alright. Well done all …


As before, midweek onwards should see a downturn in temps and more dampness in the lead up to the weekend’s downright raininess!!!

Some signs that midweek next week will be a high pressure dominated, warmer and settled affair. with sunshine increasing along with temperatures.


Yeah … cracking weekend of sunshine alright. Well done all …


As father Jack would say:


A firenado actually exists.

Jesus !


Based on the description above, I think I’ve witnessed the occasional firenado myself, usually in my nether regions, after a feed of Guinness and a spicy curry!


And what does a certain well known Resser say when you ring him to put it out? :fire: