Weather thread


Very little grass left in the mountains these days


You’re more of a gas. You have us all exhausted…


We had two very heavy showers in the last 12 hours or so. Presume it’s ok to wash the car now and give the grass and plants a good hosing, yeah?


Terrible heatwave about to hit Iberia, and western and central France, question is will it push further north towards Ireland and Britain, too far out to tell but the tip of it looks like getting there in about a week.

Cordoba in southern Spain could see the temperature very close to 50 celcius. Phenomenal


yeah i saw models the other week talking about next week potentially going back to the peak of july. im delighted as im on holidays next two weeks :sunglasses:


We have goosed the planet.


i feel bad now for going out into storm emma to spray all my deoderant into the air and smash up that aul fridge.


You monster!


That ozone layer stuff is a load of tosh. And greenhouse gases. And cowsh1te. It’s simply God’s will.


and i was slagging hurling off as i did it!






Tell the truth - you stopped the poor bow-wow drinking any of it just so you could accurately measure the rainfall, didn’t you?


Hah! Not that cruel, we were out for the day so he was with us!


Well the highest temp ever recorded in Spain, in the same region, was just over 47 degrees. So this week could be just tipping over the record. Though it’s the frequency and widespread evidence of record-breaking across the globe that really indicates the proof of relatively rapid warming.


roscrea river still under 3 cm. all the rain we have had is being sucked up into the plants.


Soil moisture deficits were up to 140mm in parts of the country. It will take a long time to make that up. Possibly a week of rain!


I’m not weather expert, but in weather terms would beating the previous record by 3 degrees not be considered smashing the record?


I usually have a moisture deficit by Friday evening but it’s always gone by 10ish …


yeah and the forecast after thursday is for a return to dryness, warmth and hot weather.