Weather thread


Bullet proof vest might be needed.


There is a bit of science in it too but if I told you I’d have to get assurances you won’t patent it


I’m aware of the whole mountain torque, forcing etc, I understand how it effects our pressure and I understand it’s complications, but f*#cked if I know how to predict it!

Do you read Tamara’s posts on NW? She’s got a fantastic way of representing what is the prospects in the day 10/20/30 era. A brilliant meteorologist. Surely she’ll be snapped up soon by one of the big conglomerates?


Weather snobs … who knew …


I’ve got nothing on those guys, they are out there, I can only dream of ever having that sort of grasp of any subject apart maybe from puns.

Nah I’m being a bit facetious but I do still follow the old school science of “warmer and cold spells”, certain short periods in the year when statistically we get quite similar weather patterns, over a number of years. Early august is a ‘warmer, finer’ spell, and in long hot summers it’s often the warmest spell of the whole summer.


Drought will break somewhat in parts over the next couple of days, with heavy thundery rain, more especially the south, southeast, midlands, and parts of the east and north. That said though, (due to a strong southerly airflow), the Dublin area may experience the rain shadow effect of the Wicklow Mtns during the second batch of heavy rain. So could be alot less heavy rain there, and/or more short-lived. First batch of heavy rain tonight will give most of the areas mentioned a really good wetting.

Beyond that another swipe of fairly heavy rain in the southeast corner, might hit further north, then some showers, mainly in the west, and then signs of another prolonged fine spell coming up from the south after a while.


What’s the forecast for Limerick on Sunday please?


There’s a hot air front moving down from Dublin.



Hmmmmm thanks … might just get way with it but looks like the Regional Kite Flying competition may suffer.


the met eireann rain forecast was spot on yesterday, predicted rain at 8pm and that was just about when it started.

not that it is getting far - it rained for a few hours last night but was sparodic. the river in roscrea is now 2.9cm so it is still dropping even after rain last sunday and yesterday.


Me arse. It started here at 7.57pm. They were wrong again.


Hit and miss currently for most of Tipp, you might get a big thunderstorm in your spot or might get nothing. It would take a heavy fall of rain somewhere along the river or at source to start being reflected in water levels as the ground is so dry it won’t really run off til it’s been well wetted(though very heavy rain will always run off). I think yous will get the heavy rain tonight


Just looked at it again and the Midlands rain forecast tonight has changed, its looking more patchy, not as heavy except local bursts. So you might not get much after all. The next batch tomorrow into Monday looks like mainly hitting the southeast corner of Ire so could be your area will very much continue to be in drought. Will be some heavy showers around at times the next few days


Rained where I am currently in the S/W from about 10am until 8pm. Quite heavy and thundery at times. Judging by the water in the dogs bowl, locally we got about 80mm in the last 12 hours and a smaller amount yesterday. The local river had a good rise in height too, so I’d say the S/W corner of the island will be officially out of drought by the time this weekend is over.

Good too that the heavy rain forecast will happen at night tomorrow when temperatures are lowered to allow better absorption.

Another slightly related topic. This last 9 months has been weathers of extreme nature and unusual. The drought was preceded by the coldest spring in living memory and preceded by hurricane force winds off a storm that came up from the tropics and not from Continental US which rightly carried a category red warning. So very unusual weather patterns occurring quite close together. IMHO this is more evidence of climate change. Should we be taking more precautions now a days for water shortages and colder winters? We’re pretty well prepared for strong winds really, as we’re more used to them, just not as strong as Ophelia.


Very heavy rain hit thurles area half four. Passed through North tipp followed by more.normal rain but with occasional pulses of heavy downpours. Looks like it’s passed now though.


Lashing in Dublin 11 now. What a shiite summer we’re having !


Probably someone just robbed a fire engine …


Sorry I thought the hose ban was lifted so I stuck my lawn sprinklers on, didn’t think they’d reach that far…


I passed a guy in the mountains today with a hosepipe in his car window I was gonna report him but I decided I didn’t want to be a grass.