Weather thread


Or does she like Dixons cider


Ah lads, will ye stop prickin’ about now & just answer the question.


It is a mountain. There is a glacial valley at the top so it looks sort of like Ben bulben with a lump bitten out.

Folklore is that the devil was tricked into biting into it but as a holy mountain he spat out the bit as it burned him and the bit he spat out became the rock.of cashel.


Folklore??? Are you telling me that’s not what happened???


I thought it was a cover story becuase Michael Lowry hides his money there.

There’s a mass on the summit this Sunday.


Climbed it (it’s not exactly taxing to be honest) many years ago when on holidays in Templemore.


The Devil’s Bit? Is that what Bill Hicks was on about then…


It depends what route you take. I sometimes do a training run from the town up to the summit and around the forest trails and back. It’s steep enough up to the car park onwards.


Big thunderstorm here :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


DId anyone notice Walsh park on the Sunday game. Looked like something from the Middle East. It must be worse in reality as they showed the tipp camogie match in the ragg and it looked a lot better on the Telly than in real life.

Was out and about today in Kilkenny and the nore looked so slow but not that low. Don’t know the name of the river in rathdowney but it was at a standstill this evening and fairly low as well.


Well, it looks like our drought conditions will be relaxing over the next 7 days or so. Plenty of moisture in the atmosphere and a relaxation of the searing heat. Poor old Blightly and especially London look set to continue however, and a subtle shift in synoptics could well see us back in a warmer set up, but as things stand, a cooler than of late and cloudier/damper outlook, without it being wet and windy! We will not have any Atlantic storms and our jet stream is in a favourable position for more good weather in the further reaches, maybe week 1 of August, but too far out for certainty!


What’s the craic for Omagh? Anorak or no?


First week/10 days of August for a massive heatwave in Ireland, yis heard it here first!


No Al, they heard it here >>


dont worry, i have everyone thinking i’m like that postman in donegal based on your info lads.


Do you always knock twice?


Fixed that for ya!


Good man. Are you doing weather certainty at day 10 now Al??




Should be a good sunny evening but still a chance of passing showers, maybe 10% chance.

As for anoraks? There’s quite a few traveling ok!!!