Weather thread


So is the hose pipe ban still on? I was getting the last train from Connolly last night and they were out power hosing the platforms and stairs. Very good was to conserve water!


watering the plants in the place i work , mail went out to re assure us the water was been used from the mains , it was waste water from the factory.


the river in roscrea is a trickle but flowing. they are extracting from it to water the baskets around the town, but they have a big sign on the tank saying “extracted from river” just in case anyone starts raring up.

river shannon at limerick this week


That’s tidal, though, isn’t it?


Looks pretty wet where the “dry bit” is in the photo.


From Wikipedia:

Limerick city stands at the point where the river water meets the sea water of the estuary. The Shannon is tidal east of Limerick as far as the base of the Ardnacrusha dam.


So it looks like this predicted cool down and dampness will be short lived, Azores HP nudging up into the south from about the 20th bringing settled and dry weather with warmth again is the form horse!


So the photograph is from a tidal section of river, yes?




The non tidal river in roscrea a tributary to the suir, water is 3cm usually over 7 and up to 1m in winter.

Still dropping, it’s barely getting over the hump at the measuring station if it doesn’t it’ll dry up down from there. I reckon that’s about a week away at current rain levels.

Spoke to a farmer up the devils bit this morning rivers up there are dry. things are bad, cattle all on meal now.


Yesterday was first rain here in 43 days.


Why has the measuring station got the hump?


Because of the hurling, like everything else around here :laughing:


What’s the devils bit when it’s at home then?


Is there a tidal river in Roscrea?


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It’s a mountain where there is a spring of shit cider.


It’s at this point that @Rochey usually asks if you’ve ever stuck two fingers in cider.


No, but I had a girlfriend who was an accountant, showed me all about double entry.