Weather thread


Tornado in Galway & not a peep outa @Rochey or @25AliveOh.

Bleedin’ slackers ! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Was going to ask did it cause any damage, but then I though, naaahhhh. :wink:


Ah yeah, it’s all fun and games, until someone gets their eye put out by an exploding cow, travelling at 150 mph. :cow2: :cow2: :cow2::tornado: :tornado: :tornado:


Y’all need to relax about the heat. It’ll be gone soon enough. Reminds me of July '76 down in Ventry, Co. Kerry. College Gaeltacht. Unbelieveable magic.
Three weeks out of four of pulsating heat. Temps reached 84 fahrenheit. ( nobody referred to weather in Celcius back then.)
Sunscreen??? My swiss. Every poor hoor burnt to a crisp except my two mates and I who went to the beach dressed in our jeans with a long sleeved shirt and a hat. And because it was too hot we decided to repair to the cosyness of Quinn’s Bar patio overlooking Ventry Harbour in the shade of umbrellas and celubriate.
I believe we three were the only students who could move about with consumate ease at that time.
Having come to the realisation that we weren’t programmed for this class of heat and it was better avoided at all costs. The folly of youth! We could have been bronzed!! Lobstered more like.
I look back upon it with fondness though because we beat Kerry in the A.I. in September.
And it wasn’t roasting then. It was a great day though.
It’s 9.50 p.m. in my part of Trumpyland and I’m sitting out on the balcony drinking a cold beer and it’s 28 in your heat. Lovely.


One degree C less than in Ventry in 76. I’d be interested to know who, how, and where that temperature reading was obtained in those days and that sort of place. Did RTÉ news/weather say it was 29 in Killarney, Tralee, or Valentia Island? Or did one of the O’Sés say it, based on a report from the Midlands or a thermometer in the local dairy?
Presume this was a Gaeltacht trip, were you of an age to imbibe said ‘celubriate’, and were you mitching off classes etc? Do we need to inform social, ecumenical, and/or Educational services in retrospect, even just so that they may update and correct their records, and statistics?

It must, gan dabht, be said the summer of 76 was a real corker, not as long in extent of sun, drought, and warmth as 95 but hotter at its hottest point(s) overall.
After those two the other best ones in my life were 75, 83, 84, 89, 90, and probably 77. It sounds like this one is on course to match all those except 76 and 95, and may yet approach those climactic pinnacles of Irish weather excellence(if dry, warm or hot weather and sunshine are your bag)


19 years old. End of first year in College. It was hot. There was a temperature gauge outside the house we stayed at in Baile an Ghoilin and it registered 84 .Weathermen and media?? FFS. To phone Dublin you had to “Cling an Clingire” ( Turn the handle) to get connected to an operator.
BTW Paudi’s mother was a lovely woman who made unbelievable currant cake and other sweet delights which she often bestowed on us unfortunate Dubs so far away from their mammies. Paudi was a Garda then. We played a challenge match against the locals in Dingle. We beat them. Our manager was Liam Higgins. Muinteoir. Super footballer and All Ireland winner. His son played for us at St. Colmcilles in Boston about 20 years later.


Summer 2003 was quite good, @25AliveOh. Not as good as some you mentioned but decent enough. It was almost like Good Karma for everyone for Ireland hosting the Special Olympics.


Any sign of a drop of rain?


looks like some on sunday/monday


Thank Christ. Yet another 27 degree day today here. Although it was 29 on Saturday and Sunday.


be careful what you wish for … we only came out of 6 months of it.


If it does rain at all, amounts will be relatively small and while it will be a bit cooler over the next few days, the overall theme will be dry and warm. The supposed breakdown for next Tuesday that a lot of forecasters are saying, I’m just not seeing it, we may have rain, but I’d say it will be the thundery continental type in humid conditions as opposed to cool Atlantic windy type rain that’s just miserable. Too far away for confidence but I will as always keep an eye out.

To summarise, no end in sight for our drought conditions.


Chilly out there right now, reffed last night and 1st game in a long while no call for a water break in the 2nd half and was quite nippy when the game ended.


Just had a small bit of drizzle about 20 mins ago, even the cat went outside to get some!


The small amounts of rain will not be enough to break the drought. The conditions mean that whatever falls will evaporate quicker than it gets absorbed into the ground! We need a couple of good thundery downpours!


This cracks me up. Ireland needs rain!!! As a child in Geography class we were taught that Ireland has a temperate climate. For a long time most of us thought “temperate” meant it pissed rain all the time. Hopefully for the sake of everyones sanity the heavens will open soon and wash the Island and send the sun back to Spain and everything can get back to normal like having to light the fire in July because it’s Baltic out.


Really enjoying the vibe of open windows and Reggae spilling out onto the street as people sip beer / cider chilling out watching the world go by. Like being on holiday. Pity I have to work!


That thundery stuff often only hits sporadically, locally heavy, some places nothing. And after a drought, torrential rain just runs off, most of it. Steady rains over two or three weeks at least needed after this drought. And reservoirs will have a delay before starting to fill anyway.


That’s why I said a “couple”

You’d argue with your shadow I’d say


A couple of thundery downpours will not a drought break, IMVHO. My shadow is an awful argumentative bawlix, I stay well clear of her.