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The storm is moving away and no more damage is expected.

My point is health and safety should surely apply to everyone. Apparently it doesn’t. My five year old niece will be off for health and safety reasons but my three year old nephew’s crèche is open. Totally illogical.

I will be paid for tomorrow. But I prefer to work for it.


Erring on the side of caution may very well make sense, seeing as hurricanes very rarely make landfall on this side of the pond. But should it be nationwide? Should Dublin react the same way as the West of Ireland, that got hit the hardest?

It seems a rather heavy handed approach to take, especially as the knock on effect is often to immunize people from taking the same precautions the next time around. They become desensitized to the seriousness of the situation & may not react with the same urgency next time around, when serious levels of urgency may be really called for. I know I didn’t, with each and every tornado/hurricane season that I lived through. And I am far from being one of the foolhardy eegits who were out on the pier in Howth today, just going for “a look.” That would be my main concern, not any sense of personal inconvenience from all the closures. They didn’t affect me one single jot.


Does the state regulate whether a creche should stay open or not in this scenario ?

"The creches and montessori schools will also make their own decision on whether to reopen.

But childcare facilities that decide to remain closed on Tuesday as a result of the storm will still be entitled to claim State funding for the day.

Crèche owners have been urged to take no chances as “safety must be the top consideration”.

Most crèches are privately owned but receive State funding for their services through a variety of schemes. "

I think that final paragraph about most been privately owned is very telling here .


Apart from the health and safety Would the schools closed have anything to do with the clean up though of the surrounding roads?
A lot of fallen trees and branches so if the kids went back to school it would add to extra traffic and slow the clean up process around the country.
Also add in the fact there’s hundred of thousands of places without electricity too this evening so imo the right call was made.


Not sure where you lads are in the county but in the last two hours it’s been worse where I am than it has been all day. So it hasn’t gone away yet


“The storm is moving away and no more damage is expected.”



Only in Ireland ! :grin:


It’s fine in Dublin 9. Has been since dinner time.


What’s telling is that creches will be open and the very youngest children will be sent there by parents who have no option as they have to work. But older children have the day off.

It is utterly illogical.


Wrong , they can easily choose not to go to work themselves if they feel there might be any danger to their child attending the creche & look after them themselves .
With all the power outages & clear up taking place across the country do you think any employer would force them into work if the employee rang up & described these conditions which they were experiencing . How about they said they had no power overnight to provide heating or food for their infants .Everyone’s case is an individual one for that person themselves .
As I said , most of them are privately owned .Big difference there with the schools .They are a business .


I understand you now. Dinner time in Dublin 9 is about 7pm. (it’s the middle of the day for us up in the less leafy D11) :grinning:


Wind after picking up in the last hour or two in D11


It certainly has , much worse than earlier.


Alan, proud dub etc. Your lack of empathy to those suffering and the uncertainty of this UNPRECEDENTED event is a bit insular. Yes, Dublin didn’t suffer as much, up until decision time, but as we speak, the gusts are still bad. There is still people calling for help in the greater Dublin area and still buildings and folk suffering.

I sincerely hope that between now and the end of the red warning, neither of you or your loved ones are injured by this UNPRECEDENTED storm.

Very disappointed in your views as you were 2 people who I always thought were open minded. And people have lost their lives in this storm and many more injured.


Alan makes Victor Meldrew look like Mr Happy …


Leaving all personal/previous gripes aside, it aint funny!


The big difference with Charlie, apart from the ‘in my back garden’ factor, is that it tracked up the middle of the country instead of the west, and moved slower than this one, so the east coast got the worst of the winds, and the rain, as a storm tracking up from the south on that line brings east winds onto the east coast, which produces a big storm surge as well as the combined effect of rain-flooding.
The rain lasted longer (though some parts of the west would have had some bad flooding yesterday I’m sure) because of the slower-moving storm.


While I agree with some of that, storms of this strength, and this unusual in nature are still somewhat unpredictable even up til the last few hours, there was enough risk from what was coming to the east of the country anyway to justify alot of precautions.


I wasn’t being funny …


A lot of roads around the county blocked this morning. Had to make a detour or two to get to work. Once the wind changed direction last night (from the west) it was far worse than earlier in the day.

Sad to see anyone losing their life, I think the number would have been much higher if folks hadn’t have heeded the warnings.