Weather thread


tipp fm tv report on the weather


Very similar delivery for the death notices too.


I heard you thought you’d planted Cabbages and brought them back to complain…


If this weather keeps up, this time next year we will be on the front of the Trocaire box!!


No chance.

It will be a poor UK person once Brexit kicks in.


Public service announcements!!!


The good weather is set to continue for the foreseeable. A chance of the odd shower next week, but nothing major and high pressure building again afterwards. This drought could start to become a serious issue soon. We may lose some if the serious heat and move to mid 20’s as our high temps and may lose some of the humidity as the orientation of the HP changes.

Will update again after the weekend.


Couple of odd showers around newbridge tomorrow I hear




We have feile going on here in navan, great day for it and I’ll pop next door to the u20’s later. Long may this weather continue!


Lots of miserable showers at the final whistle…


Affront from the West …


Hopefully, they’ll be very Low going home.


this has become as becalmed as the climate.

Tomorrow will be the 14th day in a row where the daytime temp has been above 25c in Roscrea.

we have a handy little card from the council which tells you how cold/warm your room is. it was 27 last night. Cant buy a bloody fan anywhere!!

there is some glimmer of good news - as i was driving on the m7 between portlaoise and roscrea i spotted rain falling way off from what looked like a big thundercloud. Cant say where but it was south west of my location. Someone today got rain, hopefully my poor lawns.


Tipp don’t need them anymore this year




There was a very quick shower around 6.30am this morning out around Terenure, barely worth mentioning though.


Where’s Rochey with his snow forecast?


Donore Harriers training? They used to be some of our best…


Quite dark here. Wonder if it’ll rain?

Managed to buy a fan today. It was 27c in the house last night…