Weather thread


Haven’t sweated so much in bed since the Monday night after a stag weekend last October.


The thinking man’s Jean Byrne.




Any hardware shops stock these?


Rochey is to thinking as Karius is to goalkeeping.

Sorry Rochey.


Yeah i picked one up yesterday in Woodies !


Much to install?


Very easy !


What’s this? Pick on Rochey day?

As I said earlier, saps!


We should be saving it for a rainy day.


21 down our way.

my sons are down the bog today turning turf, both gingers :rofl:


Great time for it , some feirce drying weather .
Nearly got roped into doing that about a month back !


very fierce, i was saying to the plot holder to hurry it up before there is a fire down there.


Turf wouldn’t burn would it?


Does turf grow on trees or is it under the ground like a potato?


Go away out of that - it doesn’t grow at all - it’s made.


first time i saw sprouts in their natural form i was shocked lol


Wow, 21. Phew, what a scorcher


me poor back is killing me just thinking about it … horrible flashbacks to me childhood summers


i had them down there at 7.30 this morning it was ok and they were due to be done by mid morning and clock off till this evening if anything was left to be done. I said id head down then and help them if they needed it.

the plot belongs to a lad who fixes my car and although he is paying them we agreed to pretend afterwards that he is knocking their wages off of my bill just to see their reaction :joy: