Weather thread


Thanks for that. I have no leave left and it is just not the weather to be dressed up as Goofy,


I’m not back till Tuesday and it’s a half day!


We get our blood pressure checked here each Tuesday. Event!.


So for us in the East, the weather turns cooler and with showers of rain from Wednesday night until the following few days, after that… Who the Fu*k knows!!! The weather predictive models are all over the place last time I looked!


Rain??? Wtf is rain???


It’s a Summer thing.


Bring back the sun & broiling temperatures you complete & utter baxtard* !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

( * Please don’t take that personally. I can’t go back to cold weather…I just can’t…please don’t make me…sobs… :sob: :sob: :sob: )


I said cooler, not cold. The temperatures will return to more seasonal figures. High teens and touching twenties. Just for the few days! Will look this evening and see if there’s any clarity for next weekend and beyond


Time for some meat on the bones for upcoming Dublin weather. While cloudy today and tomorrow, the temperatures never got too chilly and tomorrow evening and night will become very windy with rain, at times heavy (the plants and grass need it!) This stormy weather will subside on Thursday morning and become cloudy and dry interspersed with the odd shower.

After that, the unsettled outlook seems the form horse for Friday through the weekend, and somewhat after that maybe. But in day 7 or so onwards, the outlook so far is for high pressure to become more dominant, this time as it nudges up from the Azores, this would bring a more settled spell of warmer and sunnier days.

As always, anything after day 4 or more is not set in concrete, but my best guess looking at the various super computer models numerical weather predictions… Plus a little human input, experience of reading the models!

I really hope I get this correct, as I have thoroughly enjoyed the current excellent spell of weather. Life is so much more enjoyable outdoors!


And yet when I said it down at Apollo House I almost caused a riot.


Just bought a nice heavy coat in Penney’s. So long summer 2018, it’s was great knowing ya.


I put on two coats earlier. The fence looks much better.


** furiously searches internet for gif of stand-up comedian in old folks home **


Has anyone seen any of this orange wind yet?


Man that is just funny stuff… :joy::joy::joy:


I get to see plenty of orange wind every Summer.


Not even yellow wind our side of the island. but that’s what was predicted.


I always thought the wind blue.


That’ll be your yellow and blue tinted specs!


Looking good as we approach next weekend and beyond. High pressure in control bringing largely dry settled weather, temperatures not as good as the last spell (yet) but hopefully the high will Centre to a more favorable location bringing warmer temperatures. Meanwhile, up to Wednesday will be a little unsettled and some rain showers in mostly cloudy skies. Good news!