Weather thread


Went out for a quick walk with the dog there, shorts and shades on. Glad I brought me hoodie. Yes the sun is out, but its still fooking cold


I’d say people were giving the mutt fierce funny looks …


two lovely days in a row now… can hardly not post about it after giving out about monday.


It won’t last…


Lovely out there now - great evening for a match


Define ‘last’?

Good warm weather for the forseeable, some thundery interludes as is often the case in warm plumes!


Ah I’m just being a grumpy cat. Warm ‘plumes’ sound good!


I bought stuff for my lawn which says if it doesnt rain within 7 days you need to water it. Was chancing putting it on saturday as surely there will be some form of rain before the following weekend?


The warm and humid continental air is creating a few thunderstorms and possibly hail today with some flash flooding and possibly tomorrow. Still remaining warm and mostly dry though. The outlook is for high pressure to remain over us keeping us warm and mostly dry. Looking out the window at present, the cloud tops seem very high, which is an indication of the hail/thunder combination. Love this kind of unusual weather!


Crazy thunderstorm here last night


The outlook is for High pressure to remain in charge keeping cooler Atlantic driven weather at bay, and as long as the flow off the continent remains stable and less of an E’ly flow, we will keep the thunderstorms to a minimum. Lovely day today, yet across the water in the West Midlands, a months worth of rain fell in one hour and a man was killed as his car was submerged in a torrential thunderstorm. Their proximity to the continent means they will always get the more extremes of continental weather systems.


Soooooo. The high pressure domination is locked in for the foreseeable, but the weather models are looking at a breakdown from the Atlantic mid next week with cooler and wetter regime setting in for a few days as the jet turns south. How long this lasts is a guessing game. The models seem keen on a return to this pattern post rain fall as the Azores high ridges over us, but this is at very best a guess. I will check in again in a couple of days to see where we go from here.

Lovely bloody weather though. Hope you’re all enjoying it!


Well we were … So ok til mid next week then?


Supposedly. The NWP computers are famously fickle!


Southern Spain fast approaching … another week of this and I can hang in there!


Hows the 15th looking in Westmeath Rochey? Not much too ask I Know


Not bad, scattered showers mostly in the west, and settling down more the following day. Long way off though…


Any idea about next Saturday weather wise ?


Warm plumes coming in, I think.


We had rain last Friday and yesterday, both thundery and late evening. Apart from that sunshine all the way. Great week to have been off!