Weather thread


Could be a grass frost in the morning too Tayto, in fact, you could say it will be crisp!!!


Will the roads be al-ready salted?




By the King of the Road?


Having reviewed the latest just now, it looks like we are in for a decent spell of weather. BBQ’s at the ready! T-4 days onwards…


If it’s frozen over we might have to walker to work.




As a pun, that’s not the real McCoy!


I know. I don’t think I’ll ever get over Nacho Grande.


Just to add some dips to the package opened by Rochey there, looks set to be fine weather with plenty of sunshine from about 3-4 days onwards. Nights/mornings will be cold at first, and sea-breezes chilly too because otherwise virtually no wind. Best to get away from the coast.
After that looks like it might stay fine and should get warmer


You always have to chip in Al, don’t you?


Today and this evening’s model outputs look set to firm up on dry, sunny and warmer weather setting in from Tuesday onward and the threat from the colder outbreak more or less diminished now. Get out the factor and shorts lads. Here she comes.


it was a fine day down here today, sun this morning till about 11 was very warm, then it cooled down but never much cloud around, very odd.


Apart from a couple of colder nights/early mornings, the weather in Ireland is looking great for the next week at least. Enjoy! No better time of year in many ways than early summer.


it better because it pissed rain here all yesterday afternoon.


Long term looking good again for high pressure dominated weather. Maybe the odd thunderstorm if the heat builds sufficiently, but end of May looks to be warm, settled and dry and mostly sunny!


I always think of may as spring, even though I know the Irish calendar says it’s summer.


Nah it is spring. June starts summer. It’s because of the time lag in the way the northern hemisphere heats up, it takes a while for the water-masses to catch up on the heat of the sun at this time of year.


yep, which is why it can be pleasantly warm all the way into october, a lot of the trees here dont shed their leaves till near christmas.

that said, today is a poxy cold wet miserable day in the midlands.


Trees shed their leaves a lot earlier after a dry, sunny summer.