Weather thread


“Sweet land of liberty :disappointed_relieved::rofl::joy:


Only way water goes in any toilet I’ve ever seen is straight down lad!

If you mean sinks etc it swirls the opposite way to the north.


Hope you’re all enjoying this glorious weather, looks like it may dissipate as we leave the BH weekend with Tuesday setting up a showery and somewhat cooler regime. Showery as I said, but plenty of dry weather for the rest of the working week. The farther east you go on our wee island the drier you should stay… The good news is, by next weekend, it looks like settling down again as high pressure builds back in. Potential for this sustain as a lot fo the longer term models predicting the jet stream to move further north. I will watch, as per usual and inform!


How come high pressure in a weather context means dry but in a personal context means wet?


OK, a small change. High pressure builds back in by Thursday but it gets squeezed out by an Atlantic low so back to more showery and cooler weather on Friday and through next weekend. Sadly. There are a variety of options on the cards for the following week, nothing starting to show it’s hand yet, some good some bad. Too far away to even try predict!


The sooner the exams start the better and we get at least a week of sunshine …


Hah! True.

Mad thing is, we (the clan) were walking back from the local park yesterday down a grassy hill towards our road, all in teeshirts and shorts and sandals. This time 6/7 weeks ago, we were on a toboggan sliding down that same hill wrapped up as the snow was belting down. The extremes we experience on this little island. Climate change? You betcha!


So a further update. Maybe a little thunder later today, but gradually drying up. Very useable weather between now and Friday evening when we will expect more rain, but nothing too bad. Should be relatively dry over the weekend, but remaining cool and partially cloudy for the most part. Maybe a hint of a return to warmer better weather the following weekend, potentially starting Tuesday! But too far away and no confidence in any of the output so far, in fact, some others are indicating a return to cool low pressure systems sweeping through as the jet moves south of us leaving us on the cold side, as high pressure sets up in the arctic regions. I’d leave it a few days and I’ll look again and see if we can nail down a clearer output.


Alot of cold air has still been stacked up to Irelands northwest the past few weeks, unusually so at this stage of the year, and I think it definitely leads to an ongoing issue with getting any extended warm or fine spell.


Damn good aimsir up at The Blue Light today


Nice shot! Do you know the owner?


Nope, got served by him alright but just decided to head for the hills for some scenic pints and to ogle some two wheeled machinery


Was a neighbour of mine - he was older but his Mam was great friends with our family. A Mayo lady long since departed but a wonderful woman. On my bucket list to get over there and have a chat and a few pints. Just waiting for the Healy-Raes to make it alright to have 5/6 pints again and drive home ,


Savage spot @Dub09, never knew it existed pre JoMaxi and promised myself that it was on the leisurely pub crawl list for the return of the bro. Think it may become an annual pilgrimage now


How did you get there/back?


LUAS to Glencairn, JoMaxi up, 44B back to Dundrum and LUAS back to An Lár


Great pub that, knocks Johnny bleedin Foxes out the park.


Waking up to that sh1t on 11th May is not good. Wtf is going on … :unamused:


could see my breath on my morning jog yesterday, it was early but in may that’s weird. Pissing of rain and wind now today. Feckin hell.


Is that not off topic? If I were a MOD I’d delete that without warning… Actually, I wouldn’t because that’s just rude…

Anyway, back on topic, signs of improvements into next week now with return to more seasonal temperatures and clearer skies. The threat of us being on the colder side of normal is now waning, but again, as this is over 5 days away, confidence is not high. I’m however saying maybe 65% confident of a return to clear skies and warmer weather in 4/5 days or slightly more time.