Weather thread


this is a v nice windmap


I may venture out later but just to walk the dog , he’s going bananas here .


The cat is the same. Luckily he’s fat and unlikely to blow away.


Is your cat’s name Denis O’Brien?




Saw that earlier , a bunch of morons .


The Guards should have the power to arrest eegits like that and charge them with public endangerment or something. They are putting the lives of others at risk, if they get into difficulty and need rescuing.


Is it just me of was today a whole lot of fuss about a windy day. Today’s storm was nothing on Hurricane Charlie way back in August 1986. Now there was one hell of a storm - in Dublin anyway!


3 people died.


Still early days for Dublin as well, winds definitely picking up again here in Lusk


It was very much a localised event. Our electricity has been flickering all day and arcing/sparks from the poles outside. I have lost all the mortar joints from the ridge tiles on the roof, so if they’re there in the morning, I’ll be relieved. We’ve had a few small trees down in the area and one big one. Less than a 2 mile distance up the road from here, my brother said it just felt like a very windy day.

Certainly with gusts recorded over 190kph it was a storm most certainly worthy of the red warning. Especially when you consider the 3 poor souls (so far) lost to her. Some of the structural damage was quite intensive, even in Dublin City centre. The flooding may have been less than anticipated as the rainfall amounts did not add up on this side of the country, but the winds did not disappoint.

We will have gusts up to 90kph up until about 11pm tonight, so still plenty of time for more rain and damage to occur.


WTF are schools doing closed tommorow ??


In case there is any damage in schools today / tonight . Can’t be walking into that tomorrow .


I don’t want to make lite of the fact that people died today. That is very sad and my sympathies are with their families however people have been killed in storms over the years that got nothing like the hype and panic that this storm has got over the past few days.
I accept Rochies point that it may have been localised but where I have been today it was no worse than a windy day. There is just no comparison with Charlie. As a storm with wind, rain, flooding and damage I have never experienced anything like that day pre86 or since then, including today.


Most schools in Dublin could have been checked this evening. I took a quick spin down to ours. Looks fine. No trees down. Very few branches even. And the fact that creches can decide to open or not just makes the decision look absolutely ludicrous. I’d much rather be in and getting on with things. Blanket closure was a total over reaction and uncalled for.


I know you have many talents but looking into the future was one I was unaware of . You predicting no structural damage over night ? Everywhere ? What about the roads that have to be cleared , etc . If there was even one child fatality caused because of this the government would come under an unholy amount of abuse . They took the safe option , we’ve already lost 3 people today despite warnings .


Maybe the hype contributed to so few people getting in trouble. It veered west at the last minute, was expected to hit harder. I’d rather they were overly cautious then the other way around. Roof blown off Douglas school landed a few blocks away. Trees down all over the gaff.


Whether the damage anticipated occurred or not is largely irrelevant. Fact was this was a relatively unprecedented system for an Atlantic hurricane given its track and strength and it needed every state asset tuned into it. It took lives and had/has the capacity to take more. Time will tell over the next decades whether it was an anomaly or if the once in a generational event timescales need revising.

I think they made the right call closing schools tomorrow given the difficultly assessing routes to schools for damaged trees etc. Structural integrity of building is only part of the problem and it only takes one incident to bring the whole system down on top of itself.


The four councils are reporting that all roads are clear.

Why are creches being allowed to judge whether they should open or not?

Not talking about everywhere. I was talking about letting management decide what to do at a local level, being that they would have information to hand, instead of blanket shutting everything. Why are colleges being opened? Have they been checked for damage? What about ordinary workplaces? Why are prison teachers not going to work? Their workplaces are hardly falling down. And have almost certainly been checked.

What’s good for one should be good for all if that’s the way things are going to be done.


Em , my point was what might happen over night .Are the caretakers going to do a sit in tonight ? I’m actually quite surprised at you considering the position you hold that you would take that stance . This is child welfare we are talking about . What’s up , you not getting paid tomorrow or something ??
Sure ye have enough time off as it is , what’s in another day…