Weather thread


Preach it Brother Rochey, preach !


It’s jaysus freezin here. Not a sun worshiper by any means but this is ridiculous.


Looks like a great spell of weather coming up for Ireland, real summer. Initially a mini-heatwave in the eastern and northern half of the country from thursday til sunday, then the rest of the country after but possibly cooling down in the east and south coastal areas due to onshore winds (the sea is very cold at this time of year) but it should stay fine, and if the sun stays out in May it still feels lovely.


Slap on the sunscreen. Sun’s rays can be intense enough on our fair skins at this time of warm.even without it being too warm.


Beautifully put! :grin:


Yeah, he’s quite tall fir his height.


Freezing again today. Sick of this shit weather


It’s Baltic up here today.

Back in the overcoat this morning.


Working from home. Two hoodies on. Not one. Two. In Jaysus may ffs. Last glass bill was 400 :grimacing:


Exactly the same. Last combined electric and gas was 600, that was during the snow. But I cant see the next one being any lower!


“glass bill” ?

Been breaking the windows again?


do you not headbutt the windows when you are cold?


So the two hoodies soften the impact on your forehead?
Understand now.


20 degrees and sunny in Dublin from tomorrow and the next couple of days at least.


Al, what’s the weather like where u are in NZ?

Do yiz get daycint summers?


They just had one of the longest hottest summers on record. I was dying, not cut out for much heat and it gets humid where I am. Overall its warmer, sunnier and more dry days than back home.
Less storms, sometimes more tropical when they do hit. Where I am winter is very mild. Colder the more south you go and there’s a lot of areas that have altitude so colder again there.
Weirdest thing apart from season reversal is that the winds go the opposite way in weather systems, and the sun goes from east through north to west instead of through south - basically opposite direction. Caught me out for a good while!


Does the water go in the opposite direction in a toilet in N Z ?


(muffled voice) **hold on, just checking nooowww… **



:grin:, i saw a tweet during the week about it in another country & just had to ask !