Weather thread


Splitting the stones up here in the North County


Belter of an afternoon in sunny Sandymount. The sea looks positively delish for a swim. Rotten place to be working, when the weather is nice.


It grim down here all day. the cold is less cold i suppose. that’s about it.


What’s the weather like?


I did say the likelihood of the west coast getting the better weather was not good if I recall. You will get warmer again as the week progresses Tayto. Today I wore shorts for the first time since the Autumn, and it feels lovely! Nearly time for my annual post on the music thread… The Isley brothers!


same here yesterday got frozen cutting the grass yesterday evening. equally gloomy overcast and chilly today. Obviously when Met Eireann says “the south and west” they mean D15 and Sandymount.


it might clear 10 minutes before the weekend rainbelt.


jaysus lads it’s roasting! break out the shorts!


… and some bollocks has decided now is the time to use a pneumatic drill 4 doors up and ruin me buzz altogether. Every time it gets anyway hot someone breaks out a goddamn power tool.


There’s a Polish lad in our estate who’s only happy when he’s cutting logs with an electric saw, summer and winter, I pray for a big ■■■■ off splinter to take him out on a daily basis.


I’m surprised Dub09 has not responded…!




He’s putting his IKEA wardrobe up with his new power drill


Remaining quite April showery in the short term and unsettled for the foreseeable. Some signs that high pressure will be more of an influence from mid week onwards, bringing warmer sunnier days. Too far away for certainty but I will keep an eye on developments.


long overdue, freaking hailstones here yesterday.


Many years ago I drank in the Gravediggers on a regular basis (twice daily). Met Office staff often came incl Aidan Nulty who lived nearby and often had a pint in our company. We were going through a period of bad weather - a very wet summer. One of the lad’s Da was nearing retirement but still cycled to work everyday on his trusty black steed. He had a Ronnie Drew voice and was great craic. It was a quiet night in the pub and yet again he had got drowned that morning cycling to work. Anyway the door opened and he looks up to see our local weatherman come in for a pint. Quick as a flash he’s off “There you are Aidan” says he, “you and your fcuking weather.” The place exploded.

Your Favourite Pub
Your Favourite Pub

…and then he nearly got run over by TL in the car-park, now that’s a bad day.


Continuing unsettled and cool for the time of year until the 3rd/4th May where there are signs that the Azores High pressure cell nudges in from the south west, making the weather much more settled and much drier, with potential for some proper warmth and sunshine. One to watch.


Still on course. A cooler few days ahead of us in the meantime.


Looking very good, the further we move on into May, if summery weather is yar thang!