Weather thread


3 crashes on it so they closed it at around 6.30

Lovely sunny day alright bit still fookin freezing. My phone didn’t show higher than 8 degrees all day here


Enjoy the match and hopefully a decent win !!!


Yeah all of the traffic (including the 33 and 33X buses) was being diverted, initially down Barrack Rd and onto Minister’s Rd, and then through Chapel Farm and Dun Emer. I’m sure the residents in those estates had to take a 2nd look, when they saw double deckers going past their front door!


I blame the police, and the kids! Pouring water on the frozen ground, the little feckers.

Either them or the county managers.


Well, it looks like we’ll see an improvement to spring or even summer like weather next week. It’s quite precarious and while it warms up considerably, there is a large low pressure system predicted to sit mid Atlantic being held off by a blocking high pressure sitting over Europe. If it edges west a bit, the whole island could bask in warmer sunshine, but if it edges east even us on the east coast could get clouded over and damp! Form horse at present is for West coast rainy and warm and east coast warmer and clearer. Signs that end of next week could go real scorchio but too far away for confidence as it stands. Will be just glad to warm up now, seems like this winter never ended!!!


It’s the 11 April tomorrow @Rochey … giimme some facking sunshine or I’m heading down your gaff with a baseball bat …


Ah bless! Your threat was so meaningless when you got the dates wrong, ya big footed fool!


I wrote it last night didn’t I … facking broadband speed …


How do you fit into that time machine with such big feet?


Head first … like I go into most things …


I’ll be very pissed off if our impending summer is thwarted by a nuclear winter.


At least we won’t have leaves blocking up the shores. But if the farmers think this is a fodder crisis …


Weather is mental … Girls football feile set for this weekend looks like been cancelled as no pitches are available because of the constant rain.


Boys feile is next weekend.

I remember having to cancel the hurling Feile one year on the second week in May!!!


Ahh its brutal. Kids all worked hard looking forward to their day and it gets reset then for May when a good chunk will have communions etc.
Can’t wait for the annual 5 days of moderate sunshine to come with the hosepipe bans and no car washes allowed warnings due to low water levels


You’re an optimist!


i know but I did say moderate … not even hazy sunshine


I’ll just leave this here …


Where’s the jaysus sun? I just wanted some fcuking sun…and then everything would have been okay…


It’s glorious here, a bit windy but warm and dry… A bit like a child’s nappy!