Weather thread


Eeeeeuuuugghhhh :nauseated_face:

No, it’s when there’s two small drips going steady together.


Looks like the heavy rain tonight and tomorrow will mainly hit the south of the country. Very few games played last night, most CCC2 games off tonight, can see a lot of games been off this weekend too as some rain is forecast for Dublin.


… and it is jaysus freezin. it’s may in a couple of weeks ffs.

Rochey and Al - sort it out lads!


Was baltic at my game last night. And plenty of black ice around this morning too.


Never experienced anything like this in my nine years on CCC2. More games have been refixed this year already than in many of the full years I was on the committee. All corpo pitches will almost certainly be off for the weekend. Again!


Are you taking credit for the good weather when you were in charge Alan? :yum:



Nope. Just glad I don’t have to try and sort out the mess. They have my sympathy :wink:


Milder weather is on the way. This has been a very harsh run since later february.


Nope. Just glad I don’t have to try and sort out the mess. They have my sympathy :wink:

Totally agree with you. I too can’t remember there been so many games off so early in the season too.


You forgot to order it didn’t you, normally you order the milder weather in January but it slipped your mind this year.


It’s the old age creeping up on him… Anyway, weather here is beautiful today, crystal clear blue skies and the thermometer in the garden is reading 13 degrees!


Wasn’t there talk of better weather on the way in a couple of weeks?


Better than what? What we had at the beginning of March? The middle of March? That wouldn’t be hard!!!


You could throw cups of lukewarm water at me and it would be an improvement.


We were all out this morning for a walk and all in tee shirts, first time since last Autumn that we were able to do that!


I left the house at half 6 this morning and it was the coldest morning on the bike in a few weeks and there was plenty of frost and ice about but It’s a lot better than the rain we’ve had.


And where I am it’s predicted to be 17/19 degrees over the next 2 days!!! Practically tropical!!! :palm_tree:


Apparently there was black ice on the R127 Lusk to Blakes Cross Road this morning that caused it to be temporarily closed at rush hour. I drove out it at 5am and while there was plenty of standing water about from yesterday’s floods, I wouldn’t have thought that there would be icy stretches


the annual holiday in barcelona is it?