Weather thread


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You better write it down before you go in cos they won’t have a fcuking clue what you’re saying.


And back to the weather.

Looking more possible now that despite the current respite, we may return again to a more wintery scenario around Easter weekend. A couple of the models now picking up on this possibility. They have trended away from a northerly flow to a more north of east flow as a high latitude block is predicted to our north east as opposed to our west/north west. All to play for here, just flagging the increased possibility!


Weathervoir Dubs.


While I flagged the possibility of a colder spell and more snow over the Easter weekend, it’s trending away from it being very cold and snowy, to a rather cool affair. Certainly cooler than the seasonal average. Chances of it being snowy are about 5%. Chances of it being very cold about 15%. I’d suggest it will be a bit colder than normal, with rain and during the dry spells some night time frosts. I’m keeping an eye on it, but at this distance confidence is always at best sketchy! In other words, don’t put your bedding plants out yet!


Wintery showers and some frost looking fairly likely. At this time of year with the sun getting stronger should be some fairly dramatic downpours, with a mix of all sorts, sudden very strong winds, some lightning and thunder, and great skies.


‘A rather cool affair’…dress code smart casual?:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Black and grey warning.


With outbreaks of dickie bow sorry I meant snow.


Lovely weekend so far. Hope yis are wrong about Easter. Noticing a great stretch in the evenings today.


Where’s all this cold crap weather and snow we were promised?!?!?!


Rochey Out!!




If it’s not cold where you live, where do you live?


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