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Fancy hipster place?? Eataly does a decent take away pizza but fancy it ain’t. Maybe you mean McMahons.



A galette (to anyone north of the River Tolka) is a buckwheat pancake. The brekkie one with a fried egg, puddin’ & sausages is immense.


Mmmmmmmmmmm :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m always more critical of DNS places, hard to please a local and all that.


The Washer woman maybe?


It’s Anderson’s lads!


ye should have tried running past one of the 45’s !:grinning:


I did! Once in each half! Seriously there was very little gap between each game. My legs were very stiff the next morning. Won’t be doing that again in a hurry!


I was offering a suggestion on what the fancy hipster place is - washerwoman has toasted treacle bread and wild boar black pudding for breakfast, hipster heaven.

Haven’t been to Anderson’s, I work in the area so must give it a go


It’s French cuisine no? Don’t think folks in Drumcondra or surrounding areas can take credit for it unfortunately!


Who runs Washerwoman’s now?


The Drumcondra one has French crêperie options that the Glasnevin one doesn’t have.


Hipster places, French cuisine & crèperies?

Gone fierce posh out the northside!


The McCleans.


You should see the looks on the faces of some of our country brethren post match, when they walk in & all they want is a plain hang & cheese sangitch. The joys of a good cheese croque monsieur (which was already seriously naff here, by the 1980’s) haven’t made it as far as Monaghan, never mind Belfast ! :stuck_out_tongue:


A “croque monsieur”?

Do enlighten me.



Have to give that a try!


Good call, croque madame.


It’s nice after a trip to Croque Pork!