Weather thread


Did you never think of going to college to study and making a career out of it? Or did you get into when you where older?


@FiscalRectaltude goes wherever the wind takes him, @JJF.


Yes he’s a free spirit our Alfredo.


Everywhere I go, always…

Seriously though I did, when I left school I went to college to study Science, in those days only way into the Met service was by getting a degree in what used to be called Experimental Physics. I was rubbish at that, and not the greatest of student at mathematics either. I just liked Geogo. What happened after that is a long story.

When I was about 13 a friend of my mother’s who worked in the Met office in Glasnevin brought me in for a tour, I met people like Gerald Nodandawink Fleming, John Meath Eagleton, and the legendary Smiling Evelyn Cusack, all in their early days with the service at that stage. It was a real thrill, and they gave me a couple of those old charts they used for the tv forecast back then, these were basically stiff cardboard/chipboard sections with the blue and the black lines and the weather symbols on them.

I remember it was very early April 1981, Easter weekend, and it was cold with some sleet in Dublin. I kept those for about 30 years but they fell apart. In those days the Met Office building was like something from a science fiction show!


Hmmm, the cold looks set to return at Easter. A direct northerly this time courtesy of a Greenland high pressure ridge. Too far away for any confidence at this stage, but again, something worth monitoring.


Will there be Easter Snow?


Actually (nerd alert) we’re statistically more likely to have a white Easter than a white Christmas! Love that tune Beeko!


You name dropping meteorological tart. Are you having a fling with jean Byrne ? We won t tell anyone promise. This is more exciting than isobars , area of low pressure, cold fronts from the west etc . How many sugars does Gerry Fleming take in his tea? Go on tell us.


Have you any more good news?


Ah ffs will this cold ever just ■■■■ off :triumph:


My nerd alert… the day that Kilmacud Crokes won their 1st All-Ireland Club title (St Patrick’s Day 1995) was a freezing cold day, lots of hail/sleet showers. 1995 was one of the best summers in living memory - and Dublin won Sam!


Hah, I’ve no idea what he drinks!!! Ger retired a couple of months ago,so doubt I’ll meet him again to ask him! My missus works around the corner from the Met office so I see a few of the forecasters in the local cafe from time to time, I’ll ask them what way Ger likes his tea!


Aha !

Mystery solved.

I wondered why he was Skype-ing into the RTE newsroom from his kitchen table, during Emma.


Is it that fancy hipster place across from The Pyramid of Geeser?(so-called because Kieran McGeeney is reputed to have gone there to pray with some of the team’s mummies before the All-I final in 2002)


No, it’s a small walk away just off Griffith ave!


Anderson’s? Lovely grub if that’s it!


“Anderson’s…Of The Riiiiise” don’t you know, my good man/woman. The 'Nevin aristocracy will not be forgiving of any incorrect references.


Yes of course! I forgot myself for a minute! I’ve only ever visited occasionally!


The Drumcondra outpost (ya know…the one for match goers, culchies & gurriers) do a class of a yoke called a galette. Dahlings, it is absolutely divine !


Is that a relation of a raclette?