Weather thread


Lads it’s snowing heavily. Don’t go out in the car. Don’t go swimming or try to fly planes. Also don’t panic and go out to buy 57 sliced pans. In general, just be careful. The snow won’t last. (By the way, when the temperature rises, the snow will probably melt and turn to water. If this happens, there will be more water around.)


@Iomaint Now that’s an great example of a warning. Kind, considerate and logically to the point, and not at all scary.


Just lacks the colour coding.


Or a defcon level.


Not wishing to go off thread, but their is a correlation between simplifying the message and people losing their own ability to comprehend. Not saying you DUB09 are a victim of that and I really enjoy your humour.
On a serious note I would contend it was a starvation more than a famine, whose legacy we are still to properly to deal with as nation.
Now back to the weather, cold but dry and bright here in Oranmore, code blue expected to turn navy and blue in the afternoon heaviest in and around salthill.


DEFCON I like that! How bout orange defcon 4? :grin:


And where pray tell do you live?


You need to stop worrying about people, people will do what they do. Codes get better results, so yay for codes, that’s the job of the met people and transport people etc. People who can’t think for themselves are not going to think more for themselves just because Met E don’t use codes. They didn’t before anyway.

Didn’t realise the game is on in Salthill, that should be ok for the pitch to thaw then.

Radar now showing the heaviest snow in South Dublin and much of Wicklow. Poor aul Wicklow, again. Temperature at Dublin Airpt still minus 1, and that’s at nearly midday in the second half of march, very rare really.


Worry is not a condition I am suffering from bud. Never said colour code didn’t work, my point was on dumbing down and thanks you have proven my point.


Are you saying you’ve dumbed down this thread?


Green weather warning - rugby homecoming cancelled!!!

On top of the earlier Blue one from Parnell Park.


Relax @FiscalRectaltude the internet is full of people who have no qualifications or education or an iota of how a certain subject works, but still rubbish it anyway!!!

As I said before, these systems have been put in place as they are found internationally to be best practice after numerous studies by experts on the subject. But hey, let’s poo-poo it on a whim and be vehement about it!


I could never hope to find a pair of 42" trousers without a colour coded hanger never mind buy them.


Not looking forward to coming back to snow tomorrow . How long are expected to have snowfall ?


Big and tall shop Dub09. Ya can’t go wrong.


Basically over now. It’s begining to melt already. Some snow showers forecast but it’ll melt quickly. Cold but bright the next couple of days.


Good stuff !


So I’ve done a bit of a trawl online and found much research in the area. I have yet to find research which explicitly shows that having names for storms and colours for warning levels has saved lives. Yes I believe that there may be goodwill behind some of it but as to it’s proven efficacy, I find little. Please stick up a link if you get a minute.


I don’t have a link, I spoke to 2 members of the Met E forecasting team in a cafe once and have met them since. On the 1st occasion I asked them about the storm naming and some weeks later, after the new warning system was announced I asked them about it too. I have spoken to them several times since as we often go to the same cafe on the same day! One of them has since retired, he was the head forecaster in Met E, so I guess you could say he knows a thing or 2!


Personally I think storm-naming seems to engage a lot of people in weather watching these days that didn’t used to so much. However storms have always been named as long as I remember, I think media coverage has increased a lot like everything so there’s just more info and discussion out there. Also prediction accuracy and technology has increased a lot in the last 20 years so that’s a big factor too.

Coded warnings, speaking from a lifetime observing and following weather and it’s coverage in the media, seem to clearly work to me, on the ground as it were. It fits the media coverage effectively. Which is all that anyone can ask. People will always moan about it, fact of life.