Weather thread


Snowing? It sticking?




Snowed here and sticking in patches, the heaviest stuff is due in the next few hours, so most likely hit after midnight.


Been watching the precipitation radar, shows most of the heavier showers have again hit south Dublin and especially Wicklow. Also Meath, Louth, and North Kildare look to have had a fair few heavy showers too.With air temperatures having been at or below zero all night any snow should have stayed on the ground except where roads treated.

As I said previously the pitch in Galway may not thaw out fully from the frost if it’s in Pearse. The hurling game probably off, either because of snow and/or frozen pitch.

Looking further ahead, after a mildish couple of days midweek it looks like being distinctly chilly through to Easter, with the threat of a further cold snap still quite possible, no sign of an end to the ‘Northern Blocking’ on the charts with very cold air staying just to the North and Northeast of Ireland and the UK throughout.


Radar showing that there could be a heavier snowfall about to hit Dublin in the next hour or two


Snow cover across the roads in my estate.

When was the last time we had this level of snow at this time of year - a long time I’d guess .


Freezing temperatures, dangerous driving conditions and not weather to be out in. And people here moan about colour coded warnings. :roll_eyes:


Could you not just of said, “weather conditions orange” .


Or just that it’s going to snow and you should be careful? Or just trust us to read/hear/see the forecast and act accordingly?




Fair enough.


More to things than a simple label, how quick they forget. When your in buying your meat and you see your " quality assured label" remember cjd or maybe a trip down memory lane to the Irish blood transfusion board might bring back a memory or two, no i wil leave it their, there’s a market for the simples let them have it, as the saying goes simple is as simple does.


Heavy now in Dublin 11. I’m not stirring out today. Except later to the pub of course.


Yes but the famine was in 1847 but it wasn’t til 1972 that Leeds won the FA cup.


Jesus if a @Snowcat wont go out in it we’re all in trouble …


Serious stickage - as opposed to soakage, obvs - going on here in D13.


A lot of snow here in Navan


And it keeps coming…


1947 apparently


What were you trying to say, with that sentence?