Weather thread


or deported to Cork.


Another loss of life, this time in Tipp


We seemed to have gotten away with it. Airport still ticking away. Planes heading out over the house regularly.


Serious drying out just now :thinking:


Schools closed again tomorrow


School not far from here


Some winds still out there folks


fatality in Dundalk after a tree fell on a car


Madness , are people not heeding the warnings ?


A long day today in the brigade😔 no time to even give out on this.


There are a lot of idiots out in the park now, including some students standing under a tree looking at the branches that have fallen off the same tree. Drinking cans. I’d nearly like them to be clobbered by a branch. Non-fatally of course.


Winds to be at their peak in Dublin between 5pm and 7pm. Hopefully as many as possible will be off the streets


A lot of people doing good work, especially emergency services. Hope they all stay safe.

Personally I’m stuck in work. When we were told to go home, public transport had stopped working so there was nothing to do but stay here. A bit annoyed with Dublin Bus. They left it very late to announce they were suspending services. Call really should have been made last night or first thing this morning (not after most people had already commuted into work).


Left Claremorris at midday and was back in Dublin for 2.30pm or so, new M17 a gift to avoid going back via Roscommon.

M6 blustery enough but have driven in worse, seem to have gotten home before it got too far north.

Stay safe everyone


Balls , you in the city center ? Taxis still running ?


Be careful man , keep up the good work !


Public Transport suspended until tomorrow


In the city. I’m going to wait until the winds die down after 7 and hopefully be able to catch a cab or arrange a lift.

All public transport is suspended in Dublin for the evening now.


Reasonably calm in Tipp now. When I thought it was at its worst earlier it clearly wasnt. Not sure where the eye is now but dont be fooled into thinking the worst is over wherever you are.


the eye is over west, seemed to calm down for a good while there but has picked up a bit again, house was shaking there for a few minutes.