Weather thread


As part of my job, I work in different schools. There are many primary schools where running is banned! This has gone too far. I am aware that this is the wrong thread so will stop now! Huge thanks to the boys once again for the brilliant weather thread and being ahead of the curve. We have learnt much from you.


Paranoia or justified concern, it’s good to question the message is it not ? .


Very little intelligence is required to understand the weather.


6 to 12 cms of snow forecast for this evening. 3-6 cms tomorrow morning.


it’s jaysus freesin out. a tayto blue cold weather warning, defcon 3.25 folks!


You would think that yet every winter there’s fucking eejits who get caught up in the Sally Gap


Jaysys the wind here in Navan is so cold it would peel a potato


Thankfully they warned us of exactly that. Bloody nanny state. The tin foil hats are running amok here. People who write these conspiracy books make themselves very rich. It is a form of brain washing. Just saying. People being dumbed down yet our education system has never been better …


I disagree, if you mean looking outside and saying what it is then of course but to understand proper scientific forecasts, let alone make them, is quite complicated.


reffing a couple of games in the afternoon. it’s bloody Baltic out there.


And even less intelligence to write a post like that!


Better at what…? (This is why I set up a different thread!)


Just home from the under 9’s game in pc Ciceam… My Jeepers, still can’t feel my toes! Snowing very lightly already!


I am still cold after reffing 2 games in Lucan. Coldest I can ever remember for reffing a game.


Ever done more than 2 in one day?


yeah reffed 3 games in a row once.


Blazing blue skies and sunshine, to dark grey clouds and snow in about 10 minutes. WTF?


Is there an official limit on how many you can ref in one day?


Ehhhhhhhh, a shower?


‘Disarmed’? We are not exactly dripping with Uzi’s…

But, while you make a valid point, the next decision is what happens if someone makes the wrong decision - do you rescue them or not. If the answer is no, then that is a huge huge societal change and for me a big step backwards in civilization. If the answer is yes, you do rescue them, then it obviously becomes easier to prevent the incident rather then try to fix it. Which leads us to where we are now.