Weather thread


Can’t argue with the red ones. But seems to be a some sort of alert every week though. Could they ditch the yellows? If all you hear is alert alert alert it loses the impact.


If only that were really true. Fact is some people just don’t have the attention, so whatever works eh?

Uncertainty about whether any heavier snow showers will hit Dublin, my guess is there will be one or two, nothing like the last time but enough to cause some disruption because the temperatures are going to be really down. Also with the wind it’s going to feel bitterly cold. Problem in Galway on sunday will be possible frozen ground.


Sadly, people ignored recent red alerts and died. If they didn’t issue these warnings, plenty more would have died. I know you may not like the coloured warnings, but they are necessary. They don’t just pluck these things out of the air, studies have shown these as the best methods of warning the public and the less knowledgable. People belittle our Met service, and for me it’s pure ignorance, having no notion about meteorology. These are highly educated, knowledgeable and dedicated professionals. They should be respected as such IMO.


That would appear the form horse, but as with all snowfall events, it can be quite hit and miss. Certainly see some consistent streamers setting up Al!


Hairy muff. Ops, I mean fair enough. Like I say, I don’t have an issue with the reds, where things are genuinely hairy.


It’s a bit like the boy who stuck his finger in the dike too many times.


Can’t see the harm meself in colour coded warnings. Would ye prefer if Evelyn drew some fcukin pictures for yis? Anyway If Alan is complaining then there’s definitely nothing wrong …


Personally I prefer to go by the madness of Jean Byrne’s outfits. There always seems to be a correlation between how extreme the weather is and how out there her outfit is.


Whaaaa? That’s a bit pervy though, fair play.


If there’s nothing wrong, there’s something wrong.


I think it is a hen egg argument. If you treat people like children and dumb them down enough, eventually they lose the will/ability to respond. The sensationalising of everything will ultimately lead people to only reply to the Yellow Warning etc bullshit. I have the utmost respect for our met service. I would suggest that this whole notion came from the U.S. or similar. It is just another aspect of the tv3-icisation of everything. Worry everyone. Annoy everyone. All of the sheeple will buy bread. Leo will talk us through it. The PR people will get a pay rise. Stop!!


Exactly. Nanny state nonsense suggesting that we’re utterly incapable of thinking and acting for ourselves.


While I disagree with a lot of what you say to a certain extent, this but here, I’m curious about. Who or what sensationalism has happened?? There are very unusual and severe weather events happening that people need to be warned against.


Just because you’re uber-intelligent, doesn’t mean the vast majority of the population are!!! Read my post above about why they use warning levels.


Rochey, here is my take on it. I am currently reading a book called ‘Empire of Illusion- The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle’. It speaks of the dumbing down of the masses, the reduction of language and the rise of the power of the visual spectacle. Most of this is deliberate action by the rich and powerful enslaving the rest of us by using the media and technology against us. A major part is to create fear and then ‘solve the problem’.

A number of people have died in bad weather before. That is sad. It will probably happen again. There have been storms in the past. There will be again. I am not arguing by the way, that things are not getting more extreme on occasion. They are. We are ruining the planet and climate is changing as a result. However, in the midst of all of that, is the Yellow Warning nonsense and calling hurricanes by name. I see no need for that. I believe it originated in the U.S. and I see it as irksome and controlling. I would prefer weather forecasts that described the situation, advised people what to do if needs be, without making each weather event a spectacle, to be watched online by the masses. It is more than ironic that the masses were frightened into buying bread etc that they did not need and were then chided for their behaviour, by the media, who caused the fear in the first place. I see no need for brave Leo to stand at a microphone and tell me not to leave the house. I am not a child. The message is ‘Leo saved you all. He led you through’. Lies, propaganda and a waste of money.


“Warned against” , is it not sufficient to be informed and as an educated population we make an informed decision. From a very young age I enjoyed the outdoor pursuits, swimming, canoeing, hill climbing etc etc, being able to assess the conditions on a continued basis with mimimun information and make a decision on safety. Regardless of how safe or unsafe conditions are each individual needs to assess the situation relative to themselves and take appropriate steps. The current level of communication and direction from the state can be seen as a move to conditioning the citizen and a move to a more controlled and disarmed population. Let the state provide information on the same basis as all others but leave the citizen to form their own opinion, rightly or wrongly.


Unfortunately we live in a country where everything is someone else’s fault and accept zero responsibility for their own actions.

Check out.

If they don’t specifically tell everyone to stay indoors, some numbskull will get killed and maybe take a couple of innocents with them at which point the media will have a witch hunt for someone to blame. (not the dead people - they are never to blame…)


There’s a certain level of paranoia about that!!!


I thought the driver of the car was well over the drink drive limit?


He was. Three times over the limit.