Weather thread


Jaysis Rochey is it going to snow or not ?






UK will be closer to the more unstable air which will hit the southeast and south there


Boris Johnson?


Hope you are not including me in that!


Ulster Says No? :raised_back_of_hand:


As always!


Primark flat pack.


Met E just issued the first warning for Leinster Saturday through Sunday for low temps and snow accumulations. Yellow warning for now, likely to be upgraded.


bugger - there goes the hurling.


would that include Galway as they are in Leinster sometimes ?


Orange Weather Warning issued by Met Eireann


The first polar bear cub born in Britain for 25 years. Just shows you how cold it is lads.


Has there been a day lately when there hasn’t been one? Come the summer it’ll be too hot and there’ll be warnings about that.


They are the boy who cried wolf alright


Not sure why they can’t just tell us what the weather is like. Most of us are sentient and compos mentis. We don’t need colour codes to understand simple English.


Should they not allow for those who aren’t? They would probably be the most vulnerable …


An example of a recent red or orange weather warning that wasn’t required? Please!


Could they not just say’It will be very cold and will snow. Please do what you know you should do in this situation’ instead of copying the dumb yanks and sensationalising every single fcuking storm, flood etc? They don’t need names or colours.