Weather thread


Hilarious and not obvious at the same time!


It’s the simple things in life


Wet eireann saying a few snow showers overnight sat/sun nothing heavy and well scattered.


Simple is as simple does… :wink:

Rochey, how we looking for the weekend? White stuff still on the way?


Love it! Met Eireann never really predict anything significant at that range. I’d imagine by Thursday night/Friday they may issue a warning. Possibly upgrading the warning as we get closer. Could be another status red, but I won’t be that bold just yet. Am up to my eyeballs domestically at the moment, but I will try keep an eye on the developments. I will update if/when I get a chance!

Snow is even more difficult to predict than rain, due to the complexities required to make snow (cold enough air, dew points, thickness’s etc) but in a situation like this, it would be very unlikely that we will only have showery snow. The upper air temperature is suggested to be absolutely cold enough, and all the other factors indicate that we will have some organised “streamers” off the Irish Sea creating more prolonged falls of snow. I’d imagine a good few areas will wake up Sunday morning to a decent covering of snow.

As I said above, will do my best to keep an eye on developments and keep you all abreast!


Would be especially interested in Monday prediction around the Laois area


How many litres of milk and batch do you recommend we ( family of 6) stock up on? I think that’s what should be used instead of code red and all that. Met Éireann could say it’s a 8litre + 2 slice pan situation we got coming up from the west.


This rain & wind is a pain in the hole :grimacing:


Forecast is that pressure will rise so much and quickly, and the really cold Easterly flow will die down almost as soon as it gets going, therefore only a scattering of snow showers likely and only the odd heavier one. Then a few really frosty nights. If it doesn’t change/shift


Will the Club Finsls go ahead? Presume they will?


Yes. No question.


Pull your pants up, so, ya perv.




Great stuff Al. Now can I get the euromillions winning numbers for Friday? Please? Pretty please?


Yes, while it will be cold, I’d be surprised to see any “disruptive” snow until Saturday night.

Very brave predicting that Al! The uppers on some of the main models are fairly baltic. Looks like a 36-48 hour affair, but again, some of the models (have a look at the GEFS Al) show a continuation. I cannot see us in any warm weather for some weeks yet with the jet stream and the Polar vortex in their current form!


Not in warm weather is fine - but are we talking Baltic or just low temps? I am especially interested in Monday weather for the lower Midlands if you or Al could give a general opinion. Ta.


Monday is currently predicted to be the day of the return to warmer weather. By warmer, I mean no more snow, but at this range it’s open to correction, to either warmer sooner, or cold lasting longer. It’s very 50/50 at the moment.

And by the weeks ahead I can only see lower than average temperatures for the time of year, not baltic but certainly no mid teen temperatures either.


Uk will get it worse than we do?


Very possible Rochey. I was just going on the last charts/synoptic forecast I saw. So far this Easterly looks more stable than the previous but there’s a possible instability brewing over Central Europe but will it make it far enough west?


Yep, closer to the source of cold!