Weather thread



I have to interpret tiny symbols all on my ownio?

What kind of a callous, inhuman baxtard are you?


KERRY 0-11

Where to next …


The Clump thread don’t think you mentioned it there :grin:


The lounge…


Just posted that on the work website.


The Kerry supporters’ forum?
Hogan Stand?


Signal growing stronger for next weeks version of the beast from the east. Potentially not as potent as last weeks event, but worth watching closely.


you’re joking. feck off winter!


Reminds of of Paul Merson praising Arsene Wenger many moons ago…
“He has us playing with unbelievable belief”.


Remember him saying that!!!


well, it can ■■■■ off then. i want chaos.


Let’s just say, it has potential!




Son of the Beast from the East?

A Roger Corman Production!!


Possibly possible!


Made my first trip under the bridge out of Skerries on Thursday to City West and I couldn’t get over the amount of snow still around the place, especially around clondalkin area, it was like I was going to a different country. Mounds 6/7 foot high and not a flake left in Skerries


Which is pretty funny considering he filmed some of his best work in Connemara.

And I use the word “best” very loosely. :crazy_face:


i often wonder if Aido lumbered off one of his sets and into the mayo team


OK, I’m calling this now, I strongly believe we will have a very cold weekend ahead of us, starting Paddy’s day and moving onwards through Sunday we will have snow showers along the eastern seaboard again. Being later in March, the sun is stronger, so settling snow is less likely than the last “beast from the east” but still very possible, as the air being dragged over us is biting cold. If cloud cover remains, Sunday’s cold could even eclipse last weeks event. I’m watching this closely, as I may open a Brennan’s bread stall on the street!


Except yourself