Weather thread


It was pretty much gone by Friday evening around here. Saturday and Sunday were completely back to normal in the town. Saying that, even though I didn’t try, as soon as you left the town heading for Dublin it was still pretty bad all weekend and even still a good bit around yesterday


Cracker of a day out there at the moment by the way!


Yup thank God !


Yeah it is hope it keeps up waiting to hear can we play tonight on the all weather.


So the pest from the west is suppose to hit us on Friday with strong winds and lashing rain. Can any of our weather experts comfirm this?


I thought you’d come up with a new name for David Brady.


there are still heaps of snow here and there down here - although some up in the mountains are still virtually trapped.

i really enjoyed the snow, it only hit us friday morning and the drifts were fairly high. I was keen for the kids to see them as they have never seen snow drifts. I helped clear paths around the in laws and went on a few walks. One on the friday was grand in one direction, comping back with the wind and snow in the face was another story. What surprised me was learning that in the middle fo this the centra in templemore opened on the friday, apparently the owner rounded up what staff he could in the town and drove them in. They were pack out with customers all their trollyes packed - all during the red alert.

meanwhile we were waiting on the neighbours to clear the roads with their front loaders and JCBs so they were only blocked for half a day although i didnt risk driving till saturday evening (that said i saw a neightbour on the road friday in his 2000 corolla).

All in all, great fun, was off work from wed 4pm till monday. What annoyed me though were the attention seekers on social media all pretending to be weathermen and saying how towns and villages were going to be cut off and isolated for days, maybe weeks, and bullshitting about major cells approaching such and such a town, speading panic and fear just for a few fucking likes on facebook and twitter. (And, no, im not including the lads here in this). Not to mention one guy in Cork on twitter who seems to have a bit of a want and thinks he is the national co-ordination centre whenever there is any weather event.


All clear in Navan, got to play Pella last night so happy out. Great few days in the snow, kids built an igloo and it was 82 all over again. Wonder will I get to do this with the grandkids?


The way weather patterns are changing you’ll probably get to play in the snow with your grandkids on some Summers days


Friday at 6pm, blue means rain, darker blue means heavier rain. Strong winds too. Rain looks set to hit Dublin from about 12pm.


And so the model output starts to resemble last weeks affair again in about a week to 10 days time. Interesting and I will be keeping a very close eye on it! Would be insane to get 2 similar events in such a short timeframe…


What ya fuckin on about ? Is it going to snow again or wha rochey? Stop with yer Michael fish talk and speak to us plebs straight will ya. Do I need to stock up on milk again or not?


Ah no not again for ■■■■ sake


Too far away for any confidence but will be keeping a watchful eye on it.


Must be a 17 degree turnaround since last week going by car readout.

Must get a proper weather station.


Indeed. We were 13.7 today, and -6.3 on Friday last week about 4am. You can get some real quality weather stations fairly cheaply in Maplins or their ilk. Ones the measure, wind speed and direction, precipitation amounts, pressure, dew points and of course temperature (inside and out) all wireless. Think I paid about €60 for it about 5 years ago to replace one I spent about €90 for that lasted 18 months.

That said, it’s looking increasingly likely that Paddys day will be very cold, and maybe snow again from another E’ly. Still very uncertain at this distance as to wind direction and depth of cold, but at this stage, absolutely another to watch. This while flagged, is a bit of a surprise. Especially if it transpires!


There are still spots of natural (unheaped) snow around here. Shows where the cold spots are!


That’s just mean Tipp feckers not using the heat anywhere.


What’s it gonna be like in Galway next weekend? Thinking of making a weekend of it, but it’s a bloody miserable place, when it’s lashin’