Weather thread


I won’t be asking her again - she took bloody ages. And she got a slab of Bud instead of Heino.


Oooooh, wonky-eyed or not, I had a thing for Bewitched. It wasn’t a musical thing! Wonder whatever happened em? They didn’t quite ride that Pixy Pop bandwagon as much as they mightve.

And yes, the thaw should at least clear the roads but watch out for the morning ice, soon as that breeze dies away or changes from onshore there will be some proper frosts and icy roads etc.


Not sure we’ll have a slack flow for a while yet Al, and with all the rain forecast the thaw could come quicker than anticipated! I see ECM had gone full circle and now predicts warmth next weekend!!! The jet is still well south of us and we remain on the cold side for the foreseeable anyway!


It could happen locally but not looking as slack as previous forecasts. Est would need that onshore breeze to stop. Any sort of heavy rain now would bring floods with all that snow melting.


Rained most of the night here. Snow virtually all gone at this stage.


The snow in 2010 last two weeks if I recall correctly from about 10 days before Christmas to a few days after.

The snow here was a good 5 days with a blizzard in the middle but way later in season so understandable tthat it would be gone much quicker


Wasn’t as deep though IIRC. People could still get out and about to the shops etc…


There were 2 snow events in 2010. One started late on NYE in 2009 so considered a 2010 snow event. Snow lay on the ground for 3or so weeks as a very cold pool of air became entrenched afterwards under a high pressure. Not as deep as this event.

The 2nd one in 2010 started on December 1st and lasted most of the months as we had both Greenland and Scandinavian High Pressure cells bring very cold and snowy weather country wide. This lasted for a week or maybe 10 days before a high pressure cell moved in and again kept our cold pool. This event had lying snow for about 4/5 weeks. Again, not as deep as the snow in this event.

This was quite short lived, and had this been in December/Jan/or early Feb, we would have had several weeks of lying snow as the seasonal adjustments pushes these few days on the warmer side of marginal. This was a very memorable event, and one my kids (or I) won’t ever forget!


This is pretty cool. Lough Neagh Ice


Great few days of snow, but come Friday evening it was thawing out here and was gone by Saturday. Tried to snow afew more times but none of it stuck. Kids had a ball on Thursday and Friday though. Couldn’t believe the pics I was seeing of everywhere else outside Skerries of how much snow there was. This place really is a ‘special’ town


It’s the sea air around you, it raises temperatures slightly and the salty roads from the sea air will always reduce the chance of sticking snow. Interesting it started to thaw on Friday, our snow level on Friday went up by about another 12/13 cms. I did notice it was less powdery and certainly a wetter snow.

Glad your kids had a great time, these are special memories for them. Even my youngest loved it!


Had to go get the daughter two chicken fillets for school earlier. Two Tesco, two Lidl, two Aldi, all shelves empty. Finally got them in Super Value on Howth Road, all said it would be Friday by the time they’re back to normal …


Go to a local butcher type shop for meat needs, they have deals with abattoir suppliers ahead of supermarkets! That’s what I’ve done over the last few days. No problems at all!


Christ! Are the teachers using the pupils now to bring in their food??


Alot of rain forecast the next week or so


A more cynical man than me would say any opportunity they get to mess with the water supply will be taken since the stance was taken on water charges.


your right to be cynical and you should. They love this.


In fairness I see why you’d think that, but in the drive from my house to the school, there are at least 3 burst mains. It’s quite common after a freeze like we had!


When did you move to Syria big man? :grinning:


If we are being cynical I would say this is much more about making a case for connecting the Shannon to Dublin’s water supply.

One or another our whole water infrastructure is screwed and needs massive investment.