Weather thread


Pissin down here all afternoon. Melting fast.


Now that’s a good pun.


Thaw well underway in D11


Excellent , temps looking up from now on in according to my app


Fükin snow… I like Roddy Doyle. Always did.


I called to my 80 year old neighbour earlier to see if she wanted anything in the shop. She did. So I got her to get my few things as well. No point in both of us going out in that cold.


Good to see her help out those older than her .


cleared my driveway earlier too. Thaw well on the way in Lucan.


It’s practically summer out.


Definitely a barbeque tomorrow…


All the Neighbour’s got out today. It was picket fences all the way as we helped, toiled and sweated as we cleared the road. As we where nearly finished a fucking JCB compliments of our lpt to the Mordor county council turns up to clear the road. Yet joking mate I said… ah shure he said in a big nobber accent I’ll run her down anyway. Couldn’t make it up.


Was it a big or a Lidl JCB?


Al di jokes coming out now…







No one likes a show off. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


There is still at least a foot of snow on the roads in my estate so unless there is the mother and father of thaws in the next 24 hours I won’t be going to work on Monday


Melting here fairly quick and not as cold as it was last night. Hopefully we are over the worst of it. Just waiting for al to confirm so Al this track is for you. :joy:


Well done to the Nurses for making that little girl happy.