Weather thread


Is the Dublin Kerry fan still on?


Monkstown is more canal than rail line at the moment, doubtful there will be a train running there soon.


Starting to snow lightly here in Navan.


Darts resuming at 2pm.

No service south of Pearse St, due to coastal flooding.

Drogheda to Dublin service resuming at 12.20.


The next barge departs at 13:15


Made it to the wedding yesterday, took me less than an hour to walk up. Great night, ended up crashing on someones floor. Walked home this morning too.


Starting to melt here in Navan and fir the day that’s in it.


Now there’s a woman who has 50 words for snow…


Back to the weather. Are temperatures due to drop by much tonight? Fair amount of water appearing on the paths around my way. Don’t want to be going on my snot on the way home from the boozer, unless I’m well tanked


Don’t think it will freeze tonight


Yeah , I’m going out now to clear the front garden . When this melts and / if it freezes , nightmare.


Jaysus, I hope you’re right about that, you seem to be wrong about everything else! :grinning:

I’m joking… ish.


Fortunately I’m not bothered :wink:


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Oh er Matron …


Full Dart service running now. Fair play to Irish Rail for clearing away the Grand Canal at flippin’ Monks town.


I read this as incredibly shellfish behaviour … and was like, a bit serious to break out the puns…but a classic none the less :joy::joy:


I don’t suppose anyone has come across a shop in the D9 area selling today’s newspapers?


No. Don’t think there were deliveries of papers today.

It’s melting very fast out there.


Don’t think a print run was done, due to delivery issues. The Irish Times are giving free access to yesterdays & today’s digital editions, as a result.