Weather thread


We have more snow here now than we had this morning.


Actually, I made a fortune out there earlier selling balaclavas.


In Dublin, we should have sustained snow through the night until tomorrow maybe lunchtime when the upper air will warm sufficiently to turn to sleet or even rain. It will still be a cold day, with Sunday warming slightly again, but still on the cold side of normal, so a slow thaw should ensue.

A real possibility of another cold/snow event next weekend, but as we go deeper into spring, these events will struggle to find lying snow. Although, this last week has made a mockery of meteorological seasons.

I love the snow and any extreme weather events, as it is a reminder of how susceptible we are as little humans to Mother Nature. I find it humbling really. That’s why I got into the whole weather prediction thing some years back. Another nugget I picked up from my da, along with GAA, Irish culture, nature, fishing and outdoor life… Oh, and a pint or 2!

To finish up, roads will be absolutely shocking in the morning. Please be careful people.


Hoping to get back out to work tomorrow evening but will be better to be down a few bob than loading a few K on to my annual insurance cost!


I blame the gaa on the weather. Giving April to the club’s to play some matches was bound to come back to haunt them


Taxi, Taaaaaxxxiiii?

Can you get me to Ballymun please? You know the Autobahn?


If you’re still driving the ice cream van I wouldn’t bother…


This type of cold makes me wonder why we humans lost our coats of hair. Watching dogs rolling about delightedly in the snow in the park while we stand shivering and finding the touch of snow on the hands shocking. Roll on the spring.


Dogs can lick their own balls and you’re jealous of their FUR?!?!


Taking that bear to the Autobahn for a bottle of Cresta ?

(Cresta will only be familiar to Ressers of a certain vintage)


Well there’s that too…


At a time of a once in a decade of extreme weather, when emergency services are stretched to their limit, criminal opportunists break into a food store in an area with 49,3% male unemployment and are followed by looters taking advantage of the situation. Terrible, really wrong and unjustifiable.
For me what’s worse is the race on here for vicious nasty gratuitous violent punishment . Calling for people to be shot, beaten to a pulp and burnt, really this is who we are, should we not know better, I would hope so. If I’m wrong then the new e.u army won’t need conscription, there will be enough volunteers.


22” of snow on the local pitch. Training definitely off! Poked the head out the door and it looks worse than yesterday.


Don’t know whether you seen this or it applies to your circumstances -
The following message is from John Costello, Dublin County Board Secretary;
Challenge Games or Training (unless indoors) will not be covered under the GAA Insurance / Injury Fund - All Weather surfaces included. This will be reviewed on Monday morning.


I would have said roads should be well clear by then, and CIE (are robbery, doo daa) have said buses and trains will all be back on by sat morning. We’re weathermen though KBs, not public service anouncements people!

Enjoy the doo, where’s it on so we can crash for free beer?


Looks like a bit of a thaw starting out there. Lots of drips coming off the roof and the trees.


It’s coming and quite quickly too. Could get very messy!


Looks like the Darts are gonna start running again between 12 & 2, all subject to inspection.


Buses are back from 12. Main road mostly though.


Snowing heavy again now after a 2/3 hour thaw. Temperature dropped below zero again (evaporative cooling) so making everything treacherous. Really don’t see a proper thaw developing until tomorrow, but all marginal. Could happen later today if we get sufficient rain!