Weather thread


If that storm takes the predicted track, and has sustained 80mph winds (not kph) as is predicted for places in the south and southwest, and southern midlands, then there will be serious damage, and probably loss of life. Rochey is spot on about the factor of the trees still in leaf, and also with leaf-fall starting at this time of year and being hastened by winds like these, flooding will be worse than otherwise.

The ameliorating factor is that it’s not a vast storm by North Atlantic standards, quite small in extent, only limited areas of the country will get the worst of the wind and rain, and it won’t last long, unlike some slower-moving, larger storms we’ve had.

Though of further relevance, there’s potentially another bad storm in a few days, and possibly two further periods of very heavy rain, with the south and then the east very much in the firing line. All of this a knock-on from the extreme hurricane season that has happened in the last few weeks.


Picked the right weekend to visit friends in Mayo…

Will gauge conditions later on but looking at a realistic late drive home on Monday evening or staying put until Tuesday


Useful graphic. Storm just off our south west right now. Winds starting to pick up


Finally got the official nod at 8am that no work today :sunglasses:


Hurricane seems to of shifted slightly , Dublin shouldn’t get it as bad now ?


U got a lovely morning for training.


Doesn’t seem too bad out in Mordor.All relations told not to come into work in Roscommon & Galway.


Storm gradually less intense from now on in the west which means no surprises, what was forecast will be the worst that it can be from now


I’m no weatherman but tiz fierce windy


Lots of people without power, slates stating to go flying and another buddy has lost the roof of the shed.


Reporting 1st fatality from storm had occurred in west Waterford branch of tree fell on car killing one woman, tragic


Christ , thats terrible :hushed:


Where’s that ?


Cork I’d imagine


Cork and Dundalk won’t be going ahead tomorrow either


Wow that’s rough. Douglas Community School lost its roof too.

This is savage …


Aglish in Waterford. Woman in her late 70’s.

Can’t believe there are muppets swimming in the sea in Salthill!!! The Dunmore lifeboat is towing a yacht back to shore that got into difficulty!!! Do these clowns not look at the weather forecast??? They are putting the rescue services at serious risk.


They should be fined the cost of the rescue.


Jayzus :flushed::flushed:


They should be fucking left out there.