Weather thread


Went down to Navan to get stuff, off license doing a roaring trade good to see folks still have their priorities straight. Got no milk or bread but managed to get 12 fish fingers and about 15 euros worth of chocolate a positive result in my book. So for the second day in a row fish finger sambos with tomato ketchup! Will it ever end! To quote the famous homer.


Still bad is it , haven’t hit the shops since Wednesday . Missus wants to head out tomorrow for supplies .


Bad not as bad as the dipshits driving the cars as if there no snow. Fuckers never learn.


Blizzard picking up pretty bad now here in Navan.


Pretty bad again in North Dublin. It’s been heavy enough for the last 2-3 hours and it is sticking (anybody who had cleared their driveway has had their work undone)


Sticking here now too and, it’s even heavier than it was yesterday. If this keeps up, I’d be surprised if all the bodies that say that its business as usual tomorrow, are able to keep to that.


Sticking here aswell. And it’s pretty bad.


Went for a stroll around the city, few pubs open. Atmosphere a bit like a festival. Managed to find an open offy on the way back. Happy days.


It’s the drifting snow that’s the problem , expect to wake up to an avalanche again tomorrow :cry:


Another red level warning issued until 9am tomorrow morning. Or is it an extension of the current one? Was that not downgraded to orange this morning?

Anyway, why were we not warned about this? Wasn’t the worst supposed to be over by now?

This is what happens when we let Rochey piss off to work and leave us to fend for ourselves.

Al, Al, Al, are you there Al.

Speak to us Al !



Weather got a lot worse in Navan in the last 30 mins. Where the ■■■■ is Al!



Ha! :flushed:

Deffo worse than I thought it would be today, on the coast. Heavy snow should have cleared by now so it’s been a bit of a hanger on.

That was a brilliant video down at Clontarf, wild!


Maybe some rain tomorrow, but could be sleet or snow too, very marginal and not easy to call either way. There will be rain in souther counties in the morning, but we could hang onto the colder air that bit longer.

Next week looks like we remain colder than normal for this time of year, but a definite slow thaw to begin late Saturday or maybe Sunday. So cold and unsettled for the foreseeable. Some hints of more cold weather in about a week or so time, but not as severe as this baby and probably quite short lived. Will update later when I get a chance to review the charts.


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Dr. Meredith Rochey and Dr. Dreamy Al, herself was planning to have her 40th in town tomorrow, with people traveling in from as far away as Dublin 24 and Dublin 11. What’s the prognosis Docs? Will the operation go ahead? Will there be buses and taxis to take the patients home?



I wouldn’t be too sure. There is a huge amount of snow falling tonight too. Though the snow storms should pass by tomorrow morning, there could always be a passing shower of rain or sleet. You’ll always get taxis though, it depends on how much gritting the councils get through. I’d imagine the D 24 gang may be under even more pressure as south west Dublin got a serious dump last night. Make a call on it by lunch time tomorrow Bongo


Well tbf , his kind don’t exactly have a rosy relationship with the law . So I can see his indifference .


Of course not , I know what you meant. It would have been interesting if they had drove a JCB into a bank …I’d say the responses would have been a little different to the tweet .


Jesus tonight is almost as bad as last night with the weather.