Weather thread


Ironically, the power cut a few minutes before you posted that and only came back about 12.30pm

It’s all your fault :confused::laughing:


What a fucking surprise

Gardaí have closed the coastal road in Dun Laoghaire - Queens Road to Sandycove - due to flooding and high winds and people are being asked to avoid the area.

They also said a woman swimming had to be rescued today and appealed to people not to go swimming in the area

Idiots like that should be charged with reckless endangerment




Ended up driving in, had to dig the car out twice, but made it in. A busy day too, which gobshite politician told the public they could go outside again?!?!


Idiots like that should be…left there


Starting to blizzard again here in Navan. Pretty bad aswell


Incredibly selfish behaviour.


Was just out at the seafront in Clontarf. Wild as hell, and waves crashing over the wall. Hope the locals don’t rue their complaining to have it lowered.


A good bit of new snow today in east Dublin


The locals were down there and love the wild weather. The locals never asked for anyone to raise the wall and also want the causeway replaced with a bridge, to let the tidal scour remove the build up of silt.


Local centra beside me



The video posted below is from just at the Bus depot where they should have raised the wall not where they actually raised it down opposite the park before the causeway which never floods


I’m not on Twitter. I’d love to meet that clown face to face. The corporate governance lies are stunning. They raised a wall where there was no need to, in an area that has never flooded. Then when people wanted things put back the way they were, the narrative is that the poshies in Clontarf are having a hissy fit. Ffs.The sea is there for all of us.

This is the same bullying mentality that stops us driving onto the beach, that gave cyclists an airport runway from Clontarf to Howth but yet busses have no room to pull in and that has made total shit of College Green! Watch the chaos when they try to reduce Fairview to one lane of traffic. We’ll see how smart Kenny and Keegan are then.


That brings back some memories!!


Red Warning in Dublin,Kildare,Wicklow,Wexford and Meath extended until 9am tomorrow morning



Won’t it ever end??


Thank Jaysus I got them extra cans in during the week :+1::beer:


Coming down very heavy here in D13, for well over an hour now. Just as heavy as yesterday. Doesn’t appear to be sticking though.


Fairly heavy the last 40mins or so in D11 and sticking this time