Weather thread


Hope Comrade Rochey got to work ok. #BeastFromTheMun


I’m trying to enjoy a cup of coffee and get asked or accused when are ya starting on the back - Mother Nature is a selfish cow


Wow :disappointed_relieved:, what’s that , about two foot of snow ?


Yeah about that over the two days a lot of it snow drift - still going to be one god awful mess when it melts


Yeah , that’s what I’m worried about . I do alot of walking so I’ll be a bitch if it freezes .


Yeah, sent Himself out yesterday to make sure drains, gutters etc were as free from compacted ice, leaves and assorted debris, as possible.

He’s from South Florida, so I may as well have sent him to the moon to pick up a loaf of bread. :roll_eyes:


Are we a great country or what?


Starting what on the back? That’s one for the thaw!


Yeah! Mr. thaw can sort that one out. I’m goosed after clearing the front.


That poor lad in cork. Life changing injuries. God love him.


plenty of snow drift in Tallaght -yesterday and last night. Wind is still brutal out there and snowing now


Is it me or does it look like a dog buried under the snow…


Or Mrs Unbelievable, with all the nagging she’s doing. :open_mouth:


That a magic eye thing :joy:


Look at the four shovel tracks…


This bit ?


below that…


Jayus can’t see it myself


Haha I see it the dogs nose?