Weather thread


Curfew over kids. Allowed back out again!


makes sense - the snow in south Dublin overnight seemed steady but light rather than heavy. Not as much as feared


Some major snow drifts in my estate overnight in Lucan. Definitely a good falling of snow overnight. I’ve a wedding in Leixlip today, reckon I’ll be heading out on foot to get to it!


You’ll probably be the only one there unless it’s a local wedding.


I tracked the radar readings for the night, south and west Dublin, and north Wicklow got consistently the heaviest snowfall in the east. Many parts of Munster got some very heavy snowfall sporadically around the place at times.


About 2 foot of snow outside the front door , snowed in :open_mouth:


Same here in Navan. We are towards the end of the road with a high wall it’s like one big snow drift. Going to make a trek into Navan to get ‘supplies’


Mental altogether !


There’s was still plenty of snow in south dublin I should add ! Just didn’t come down as heavy snow


What’s the forecast for Saturday - Monday Weather-Al?


Scattered wintery showers and outbreaks, nothing too bad by all accounts. A slow thaw, quicker if the sun shines. And quicker as it gets gradually milder from tonight onwards. If it clears up at night though, with light winds and still snow-cover, there will be very hard frosts and lots of ice arounjd as the melting freezes over.


Greeted by this outside the front door


Very little new accumulation overnight here in Sutton. There is maybe an inch outside the front door, if even that. We cleared everything away from the porch area around 9pm, so what’s there now, came down over night. It’s already frozen over & nothing like the lovely soft, powdery stuff from yesterday. But the wind out there…Jesus Christ, it would cut you in two. Hard to see a thaw setting in, with those temps. Will probably be very treacherous underfoot, for a couple of days yet, with all this becoming icy & compacted.


For some reason I look at that pic. and the brain says tasty dessert.


Jayzus !

Doctor on the wireless now talking about the kinds of snow injuries showing up in the ER. He said in addition to the usual breaks & fractures from falls, people are presenting with shoulder injuries from excess shovelling. So be careful out there ! :persevere:


:laughing:, It’s so smooth , like ice cream !


What’s worse is the flooding now & if that freezes over , absolute nightmare .


Main roads well salted. Snow not sticking on them now at all. Some small melting.


Mixed rain & snow showing up on my forecast .


If I can get to the N4 I’ll be fine as it is relatively clear at the moment