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It’s where I’ve been cheating on Rochey and Al.


Graupel is a “polystyrene ball” type of snow formation. We had lots of that over the last 2 days, usually from drier continental air. picked up from streamers in the Irish Sea in our location. As opposed to the big beefy flake which we may see from the frontal snow later on tonight…

Yes, I am a nerd!


Cheers PD. Her job done the right thing and looked after them thank god. Was worried for her and the brother having to go and get her. So all’s we’ll that ends well.


I found two identical snow flakes earlier but when I went to capture this hugely important scientific discovery one of them blew out of my hand. Despite looking for over an hour I couldn’t locate it again. It’s gone … along with my place in science history. I’m not even going to show them my identical fingerprints now.


Almost time for the actual, appropriate use of one of our most famous ever lines of literature…


30 odd rough sleepers refused accommodation. Jesus not the time to be doing that. Fair play to the Peter McVerry thrust and all the other organizations pulling out all the stops to look after their well being.


Some rough sleeps are rough sleepers by their own actions. I’m not saying it is ok, but some of these people are ejected for behavioural problems when in accommodation. Making other users of the system their victims. Also, there are those that point blank refuse to sleep under a roof, for whatever beliefs they have. Very sad situations, especially on nights like this!


Was sitting here barking music orders to Alexa … drawing on the classics on the Good Music thread when … the feckin power went.

Dancing in the Dark to Drinking in the Dark … :confused:


Here it comes, moving in from Wales, the real blizzard. As Al Pacino said, are you ready for the pain??

Cork getting dumped on currently


Siobhan Ryan is on now me favorite weather girl.


Al, try the net weather radar, much more accurate (I’ve found anyway) and updates every 5 mins as opposed to Met E’s 15 mins…


I like this one too:

Slow-moving now, that clump of very heavy stuff could hang around a while, assuming it gets to us and remains as intense as it is currently just off the coast of Wales. Moving more north than west now, and sort of stalling over the Irish Sea.

Beautiful image of the lines of heavy snow showers across Scotland too.


They have electricity in Lusk now?


Out here in tallaght to me no extra snow has fallen since yesterday judging by what’s on the car but gale force winds driving snow into a blizzard .


Fairly wild out now ,


Yeah it’s getting bad alright , one thing for certain you would not want to be walking around in it


Anybody check up on this guy ?


Tallaght or the blizzard?


The really heavy snow off the coast of Wales died down before making any further progress westwards over to Ireland. As it stands it looks like some steady snow now in over the east, and some heavier stuff across Munster.
If it doesn’t pep up in the next few hours it may not be the totals and depth in the east that was forecast.


Good whack of snow here now. Still coming down. No wind though.