Weather thread


Ireland becomes a dartboard on monday!


I hope everyone stays safe and that damage is limited.



Red Wind warning extended to the whole country.

All Schools and Colleges closed tomorrow


This is potentially the worst storm I’ve ever seen. There will be loss of life and widespread property damage. I know it’s a cliche at this stage, but seriously, do not make any unnecessary journeys.


Jaysus Rochey tell my boss that :joy:


Stay safe tomorrow everyone! Make sure to stock up on cans in case the world ends!



Loss of life? Ah here. This is Ireland. Not the Outer Banks. Fully expect bad flooding, transport delays & logistical chaos all around though. We can’t organise bad weather infrastrucure in this country to save our lives - no pun intended ! :roll_eyes:


Unfortunately it’s most likely. If we escape without any loss of life, we will be extremely fortunate.


Maybe we should send one of ya’ll out to Dollier (or the Forty Foot, I’m not fussy) to to shoot at the hurricane to make it go away? Like they do over in 'Murica.


Laugh all you wish.

You cannot legislate for when, how and where flying debris can have an effect. If you are outside, you are vulnerable, potentially to a fatal result.


Not laughing boss. Am laughing at the stupid Americans whose solution to everything is to shoot at it.


Wasn’t targeting you specifically, @ProudDub (I know better :wink:) but we can be flippant at times to such danger.


South and west going to get the real hammering here, wind and floods in Cork, and Kerry, floods in the mid-west, wind in the rest of the south and midlands, and then a bit less wind in the rest of the country.


Ive seen a couple of different predictions from people on twitter etc who follow stuff like this…so is it just 2nd guessing until a few hours before??


Proper order. I have ye well trained ! :smile:

I’d be shocked if there is massive damage from the hurricane force winds. Fallout from flooding, trees uprooted, ESB lines down etc etc? Yes. Hurricane force wind gusts so serious they cause widespread structural damage & loss of life? No.

The gusts need to be at X speed and they need to be sustained over a period of time for there to be serious damage. We’ll get the high wind speeds gusting, but they won’t be sustained for all that long and, that is what makes the big difference imo. The National Weather Service and the Hurricane Centre in Miami always make that important distinction between sustained or not. The media don’t always report on it, as the big scary headlines, that only mention the wind speeds, get peoples attention better.


Sent text out to lads earlier, training tomorrow at 10am now that schools are closed.:joy::joy:


You are incorrect. Mean wind speeds are predicted to be over 80kph and gusts over 140kph. Note I said over. This will cause significant structural damage and will most likely cause loss of life. Remember lots of trees still in full foliage, top heavy and liable to uproot or break. I do of course hope I’m wrong. But I sincerely doubt it.


Yeh but at this stage after multiple forecasts over the last few days it’s fairly nailed on that the centre of the storm is going up along the western side, bringing the worse winds into the southwest, mid-south, and midlands, with the heaviest and most prolonged rain in the southwest and midwest.

The strength of the storm (how looowww, can you gooooo?) also looks to be consistent the last couple of days, so unlikely to get deeper, especially given the sea temperatures around Ireland being much cooler than where the storm is originating from.